the list of defaulters of the Treasury

One more year, it’s here. The feared list of Treasury defaulters was made public this Friday, June 28, and common names such as those of Paz Vega, Luis Medina, Jose Luis Moreno y Mario Conde. The famous men and women are not spared, although a regular one like Patricia Conde sale. Below is a list of well-known figures who are on the Tax Agency’s blacklist.

Matthias Kühn, Norma Duval’s husband, is one of the regulars and this year he still owes the tax authorities 6,032,411.46 euros with Balearic Management Investments Consultants SLU. With his other company, Baleric Investments Consultants, he has increased the figure by 4,346,303.17 euros.

Luis Medina, Naty Abascal’s son accused of the Madrid mask bombing, owes 640,802.34 euros. He enters for the third consecutive year.

Paz Vega repeats. The actress still owes 1,743,799.82 euros. She has only reduced about 30,000 euros compared to the previous year. In the last two years, she has paid more than 1,300,000 euros. Her debt, in 2022, even exceeded three million euros.

Merche has not reduced her debt figure for the previous two years and it remains at 856,737.39 euros. It was in 2016 when she first appeared on the list. At that time she owed one million euros.

Makoke appears for the third consecutive year on the Treasury blacklist, unlike her ex-husband, Kiko Matamoros, who has not appeared for two years. Her debt is 859,775.74 euros, around 100,000 euros less than what she owed last year.

José Luis Moreno: 951,540.74 euros. That is the amount you owe to the treasury. He appears again with one of his companies, Kulteperalia, with which he has increased the debt by just over 1,000 euros.

Mario Conde is also still on the list. The former banker maintains a debt of 6,396,743.95 euros. Compared to the previous year, he has not reduced his debt one cent.

Among the other well-known faces still on the list: Mónica Gil Manzano (626,463.86 euros, far from last year’s 1,576,396.34 euros), laSexta presenter Albert Castillón with 701,895.61 euros or José María Ruiz-Mateos and her six male children, with 8,926,414.32 euros.