The limbo of Balotelli

In 2010, Mario Balotelli won the Golden Boy And, at 20 years of age, despite the first outbreaks of controversy at Inter Milan that made him sign for City, he had the future in his hands. In 2020, history has not turned out to be as I pointed out. Outside Brescia after the team's relegation to Serie B was consummated and multiple controversies with the club's noble zone, the controversial striker, at 30, he does not find an accommodation and is mired in his own particular limbo.

At the beginning of the summer the Romanian press echoed his possible signing for Cluj, something that was not beyond the rumor. The following two options incorporated into the summer rumor mill, Besiktas and Genoahave not crystallized either. Sergen Yalcin, coach of the Turkish team, at a press conference nipped the possible incorporation of Super Mario: “I have not given my consent to the signing of Mario Balotelli, there are too many questions around him and its cost is very high (there was talk of an offer of a salary of two million annually). It is a risk that we cannot afford, “he declared.

Besiktas Shield / Flag

And if the Besiktas door was closed by the coach himself, the new Genoa sports director, Daniele Faggiano, closed the Genoese. “It is not a name that we have considered. We value other options. Balotelli is an excellent player, but he is not one of the players we are considering.”Faggiano acknowledged at the press conference prior to his team's clash against Crotone this weekend.

Genoa Coat of Arms / Flag

Rebound in Nice and new fall

The price of our protagonist has only decreased, surrounded by a controversy that has starred in more headlines than his performances on the pitch. Transfermarkt It gave it a market value in 2012 of 32 million euros, its highest peak, at just 22 years old. Now, it doesn't go beyond 3 million. In Nice he resurfaced, however, he scored 26 goals in 2017-18, a fact that earned him the signing for Marseille. But after not shining in the Vélodrome, last season's 5 goals in Serie A with Brescia, accompanied by acts of indiscipline (they even banned him from training), you are not helping in the search for your umpteenth last chance.