The life of Amber Heard refugee in Madrid: running and playground with her daughter

After losing the media trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Deepthe actress Amber Heard has put an ocean in the middle and has come to live in Spain, specifically in Madrid, after having spent some time settled in Mallorca, with her two-year-old daughter and her new partner, the photographer Bianca Butti.

Amber Heard already enjoys a life with her normal activities and routines as a resident of Madrid, after leaving behind the hellish trial against her ex-husband, the unforgettable Jack Sparrow star of Pirates of the Caribbeanand to finish the filming of Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, the second part of the saga of the king of the deep sea.

She has recently been seen in the park near her home enjoying her daughter and her games, and doing running around his house, a common activity for which he wore the appropriate sports attire; a light tank top, long navy blue leggings and sports shoes.

To run he also used a visor that covered his face from the sun, a comfortable ponytail that collected his long blonde hair and, as a complement, a fanny pack in which he would surely carry his mobile, since the wireless headphones hinted that he was listening to music while practicing sport.

After a controversial and media trial, Head already warned in an interview with the magazine People last April that once the trial was over, she could not wait any longer to leave “the United States with my daughter”, Oonagh paige, two years old.

According to a source close to the leading actress of Aquaman, “she is living in Spain, where she gets more privacy. The trial was very stressful for her, and she just wanted to start again outside the country,” and explained that, despite this withdrawal, the star, “is excited to work and shoot again. She was exhausted and disappointed after the trial, because she felt that she was mistreated in it.”

The same source has explained that Amber already feels better: “All this is behind her. She has new energy and is focused on the things she loves.” Before the trial was held, the people closest to the actress had explained that she preferred to live in Europe, because here she “could just be one more mother.”

Apparently the trial was exhausting for the interpreter who “missed her little girl. She is focused on raising her daughter. She spends every day with her daughter; she walks, visits parks and enjoys family time.” In another television interview that she gave to the journalist Savannah GuthrieHeard confirmed that after the trial “I can finally be a mother full time, you know, because I don’t have to juggle calls from lawyers.”

Wondering what and how she will tell her daughter about the trial in the future, Amber was adamant: “Whatever happens, it will mean something. I did the right thing. I did everything I could to defend myself and the TRUE”.