The League, the RFEF and the AFE will meet to raise the suspension of the First and Second Divisions



The RFEF announced this Wednesday the suspension of all football and futsal matches, male and female, not professionals at the state level. That is, from Second B downwards.

Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, in a file image.

Tomorrow Thursday at 12 in the morning at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation, a meeting will take place in which the suspension of the League in First and Second Divisions could be decreed.

This is a meeting of the monitoring committee of the Spanish Federation to which both the League and Professional Soccer (LaLiga) like the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE). Both agencies will attend.

The possible championship suspension gains strength after the government of Castilla y Len have announced the suspension of the match between Mirands and Numancia, scheduled for next weekend.

At the moment, The Spanish Federation has already decreed the suspension of all Second Division B matches and has urged the territorial federations to do the same with the Third Division.

The measures approved “before the evaluation of the new situation and in accordance with articles 4, 5 and 42 3a) of the Statutes “, include the suspension from today and for a period of two weeks of all matches in the competitions of Soccer and non-professional state-level soccer hall.

“This decision is adopted because from the RFEF we must guarantee homogeneity of the soccer competitions, integrity and the necessary competitive balance, and given that it has been verified that there is a real impossibility of playing soccer matches and developing training in certain cities and / or territories of our country, “indicated the body chaired by Luis Rubiales.

In a statement, he explained that “these decisions will be subject to the changes that we are advised at all times by the health and sports authorities” and added that will keep the proposals on the possible change of dates for the finals of the Copa del Rey and the Queen's Cup, as well as the matches of the absolute team.

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