The last anger of Iñigo Onieva for a question about Tamara Falcó: “In the end it will make him feel bad”

There are 48 hours left for the engagement party in Villameona and nerves are on the surface. Not only for that: the rumors about an alleged pregnancy of Tamara Falco They do not stop and more and more are pointing out that her weight gain and her absence in the last week (“she is ill”) are due to a state of good hope. This Thursday, Inigo Onieva has responded to the information with obvious discomfort: “You have already impregnated her four times, in the end she will be upset.”

Pilar Vidal, a close friend of Tamara, has also denied the rumor: “It is not true, she is not pregnant. What she has is the happiness hormone a thousand per thousand. She is very excited about the wedding, very stressed and there are people who you can gain weight with stress,” he said.

This Saturday the engagement party for the couple will take place. As we already published in Informalia, it will take place in Villameona, the house of Isabel Preysler, who will act as the perfect hostess. It will be divided into two parts: the first with a dinner for the closest family, both Tamara and Íñigo, who hope to strengthen ties and build trust for the big day. Here the exchange of gifts between the protagonists will take place: Tamara to her fiancée a watch that will be released on the big day; Íñigo’s offering to the bride is still a secret.

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Afterwards, Falcó and Onieva will receive their friends to celebrate the moment with a party until well into the early hours of the morning, a more informal event in which some surprises also await them, organized by the bridesmaids.