The LaLiga report ensures that Cala did not insult Diakhaby

The report that The league has commissioned a lip reading expert company to elucidate whether Juan Cala uttered a racist insult to Diakhaby has determined, according to the Cope chain, that the Cádiz central defender did not insult the Valencia central defender. In the audios of the match and the images, the company assures that Cala utters the words “shit”, “leave me alone” and “excuse me, don't get mad”, but does not appreciate any racist insult.

The French player accused Creek to call him “black shit” during the Cadiz-Valencia of the last day as reflected in the referee's act of the match. Mouctar DiakhabyAfter feeling offended by his rival, he decided to leave the field of play and his teammates decided to accompany him, which caused the game to stop.

According to the version of the events of the Valencia, Chés players, urged by Diakhaby, decided to resume the game due to the threat of a possible sanction of the League. Finally, the game was resumed without the presence of the French player, who was dejected in the changing room of the Ramon de Carranza.

The Valencia denounced the insult through various statements in which he showed his “full support” to Diakhaby At the same time, he requested an investigation into the events, while Juan Cala said in a subsequent press conference that he did not utter any insult to his rival.

Finally, the lip-reading expert company has determined, according to Cope, that there was no racist insult from Creek to Diakhaby. The report will be made public tomorrow.