The Lakers are considering trading Murray and a number of other players.

The Lakers are considering trading Murray and several other players.

The Lakers are reportedly considering several trade options, with Dejounte Murray of the Atlanta Hawks being regarded as the most desirable candidate, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

Murray’s speed and ability to create plays would be invaluable to the club coming from the backcourt.

Murray’s $18.2 million salary this season, before the commencement of his four-year, $114 million extension, may constitute an additional incentive.

By orchestrating a two-for-one exchange, the Lakers could reduce their luxury tax liability by some amount.

The Lakers maintain their opposition to the inclusion of Austin Reaves in any potential trade. McMenamin’s sources claim that the Hawks have recently inquired about Reaves.

To acquire Murray, the Lakers would reportedly need to trade Reaves, Rui Hachimura, a future first-round pick, or other young players.

McMenamin reports that the Lakers have no intention of pivoting to Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls on account of his hefty agreement, injury concerns, and declining output. They might instead aim lower and collect some bench pieces.

As a result of Gabe Vincent’s knee injury, they need a competent backup guard. Collin Sexton of the Jazz and Tyus Jones of the Wizards have been mulled over internally as possible targets.

Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett’s acquisitions have diminished the significance of Schroder, who started 50 games with the Lakers last season.

Brown, a defensive standout who was crucial to Denver’s run to the championship, was traded to Toronto in exchange for Pascal Siakam.

The Lakers, who are 22-22 and have struggled to maintain consistency and spark their bottom-10 offense (see the loss to Brooklyn), must make a move during the trade deadline.

While the Lakers have already defeated the Thunder or Clippers in recent weeks, their current record is 10-10.

The combination of this demand and the Lakers’ enormous fan base generates rumors. The Lakers have expressed interest in Hawks player Dejounte Murray; this is not a rumor. Additionally, they are monitoring Raptors players Dennis Schroder and Bruce Brown.

The purported offer consists of Jalen Hood-Schifino, D’Angelo Russell (to essentially match salaries), the Lakers’ 2029 first-round pick, or a pick-swap (various iterations incorporate additional Lakers and Hawks picks).

It makes sense to the Lakers to move Murray to point guard in the hopes that he will return to the All-Star caliber he achieved at the position within San Antonio before joining Trae Young in a backcourt that never gelled.

Numerous teams are interested in Murray, and the Hawks may believe a better trade is possible; they need to retool quickly around young personnel, and a 2029 selection is a considerable distance away (they would have to trade it).

On the contrary, Marc Stein stated in his newsletter on Monday that “the Los Angeles Lakers are believed to have had the most meaningful trade talks with Atlanta regarding Murray to date.”

Including a third team in trade discussions significantly complicates matters, but the Lakers must investigate the possibility if they wish to acquire the most valuable player who is likely to be traded before the trade deadline.

Hawks wing Dejounte Murray is a subject of considerable interest prior of the NBA trade deadline of the following year, and it is not surprising that he will have an abundance of suitors.

Marc Stein, an insider with the NBA, stated in his most recent Substack that “multiple teams consulted in Orlando” regarding the Hawks “exploring” a potential trade involving Murray at the G League Showcase.

According to Stein, Clint Capela and De’Andre Hunter are also “widely believed to be in play again this winter” before the trade deadline, so the 27-year-old is not the only Atlanta player who is anticipated to be available.

This is consistent with an external perception that the Hawks, under the leadership of Trae Young, lack the necessary supporting cast to contend for the Eastern Conference.