The lack of ‘plan b’ in Telecinco opens the possibility that ‘GH VIP’ will continue in January

The Telecinco crisis involves the disappointment of TardeAR in terms of audience, or VIP Big Brother, who also did not obtain the leadership that was almost taken for granted in Fuencarral. The magazine of Ana Rosa Quintana It faces tremendous competition against two networks without advertising (La 1 and Sonsoles Ónega) but the reality show does not mark the data of yesteryear even remotely. The elimination of Save me has not had the desired effects so far.

No hay ‘plan b’

On the noble floors of Mediaset España they recognize that the tandem Manuel Villanueva-Jaime Guerrain charge of the Contents by decision of Salem, has no ‘plan b’ to replace the flood of disappointments that Telecinco accumulates.

In the friendly chain they believed that they were going to end the spring on a high with the hand of Revenge is mine, on Telecinco, and yet it has ended its journey in fits and starts and without noise on Divinity. Later, Salem undertook a white revolution that marked the end of the universe Save me and the launch of countless projects signed by Banijay and Unicorn.

But This is life, The last night, Life without filters, What a vacation! o There you! did not obtain the expected data while other familiar formats, 25 Words o Chain reactionshowed no signs of improvement.

And autumn? Mediaset took out its large aircraft carriers and believed it was betting safely: Ana Rosa Quintana, Jorge Javier Vazquez with the producers of Save me, VIP Big Brother and the return of established series such as Intervías o The one that is coming.

Result? Failure and cancellation of Chinese storiesdaily defeats of AR, irregularity of GH VIPhistorical minimum of The one that is coming and capital disappointment Intervíaswhich does not even reach 10% share.

Voices against

Belen Esteban expressed in the presentation of Save me certain feeling that exists in La Fábrica de la Tele, which finalizes a divorce with Mediaset España as announced a few days ago Informalia: “The only money that Mediaset will earn this year is from Netflix, not from what it does,” ‘the People’s Princess’ stated without too much precision.

The former director of Program Production, Tuscan Baldomerodid more damage by ensuring that “Telecinco is a network that, for some strange reason that I cannot understand, has lost its position. A television that was a leader, then, has suddenly abandoned a path of content due to editorial decisions.” or by decisions of any kind.”

The Director of General Content of Mediaset España, Manuel Villanuevaremains silent after stating a few months ago that Telecinco was experiencing “a time of change and these are always complicated. You have to make those changes and people have to perceive them and adapt to them. Despite everything, we are not dissatisfied and I think that, Little by little, we will put things together.”

And by 2024, what?

Telecinco closed October with its worst monthly data in this month since its first year of broadcast, 1990, falling to 9.7% share. It loses 2.6 points on the figure signed last year even under the tutelage of Vasile, which had already fallen more than 2 points compared to the previous year.

The problem for Telecinco, a Mediaset source acknowledges, is its “lack of pantry.” This situation means that commissioning an edition is not ruled out. Big Brother All Stars or a kind of express version of Big Brother.

What will surely have a presence in the first quarter of 2024 on Telecinco is the return of The island of temptationswhile spring will be dominated by the return of its most competitive reality show, Survivors.

Other news at Telecinco will be the immediate premiere of the new pink space Fridaypresented by Beatriz Archidona y Santi Acostaumpteenth attempt to go down The voice on Antena 3. There is also a new midday contest presented (but not produced) by Christian Gálvez, who obtains this consolation prize while his production company dies of starvation.

Cuatro, for its part, will try to return to its origins with the return of News Fourwhich will have Diego Losada y Alba Lake as presenters of its two daily editions, the recent one of four sports (with the name of The Uncheck) and the future of the mythical Strays.

With these new features, Mediaset España is trying to catch its breath after the collapse.

Italian noise overshadows Telecinco’s failure

There was no sign of Mediaset executives this Sunday at Madrid’s Cine Doré to see the revival of the film El caimán by Nanni Moretti, who more than two decades ago made a joke about Silvio Berlusconi, pointing out that he was a populist, a maker of trash television, guilty of bad things. business tasks and even hinting at Il Cavaliere’s ties to the mafia.

The noise generated from Italy is now different and at least it is serving to elcipate the Telecinco crisis within Milan, where they are awaiting the controversy generated after learning that they have cut the salary of 2,500 euros per month plus a free apartment that they received for their silence the ‘friends’ of Silvio Berlusconi who were the protagonists of those scandalous sex parties that were prosecuted.

Another thunderous noise that the heir is waiting for Pier Silvio Berlusconi It is the soap opera that has been unleashed after the breakup of the transalpine and far-right president Giorgia Meloni with her until now boyfriend, the star presenter of Mediaset Italia Andrea Giambruno.

The journalist has now been marginalized by the company, accused of having leaked the sexual and sexist comments that Giambruno made to a colleague due to the lack of feeling of the heirs with Meloni, who paradoxically reached the Italian presidency thanks to the support of Silvio Berlusconi before of the death of Il Cavaliere.

The president thus announced their breakup: “My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost ten years, ends here. I thank her for the wonderful years we have spent together, for the difficulties we have gone through and for having given me the most important thing of my life, which is our daughter Ginevra”.

The president concluded: “Our paths have long been separated, and the time has come to confirm it. All those who hoped to weaken me by hitting me at home must know that no matter how much the drop hopes to excavate the stone, the stone remains a stone and the drop It’s just water.”