The kings of Norway attack Marta Luisa’s boyfriend, the shaman Durek: “He thought he could do whatever he wanted”

Harald and Silvia from Norway These days they are experiencing a delicate situation for which they have decided to face this Thursday. Visibly sad and hurt, they have given explanations about their daughter’s resignation Martha Louise to his institutional obligations after betrothed to the shaman Durek Verrettof whom they say: “He thought he could do whatever he wanted.”

The statements of the king and queen make it clear that relations with the second husband of their only daughter are not very fluid: “It is clear that Americans have no idea what a monarchy is, so it is not surprising that understand it,” they assured. “There have been two cultures that have met. He probably thought he could do anything without it affecting us.”

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They assure that, after two months of meetings, they have found the best solution for everyone: “I feel that now Durek understands more what the monarchy and the Royal House of a country represent. He says that he has learned a lot and the decision has been made in common agree,” said the king. “He has understood that we are now in this together,” the queen added.

Despite everything, the parents regret their daughter’s decision, who has chosen love over royal obligations: “She was very good and I think she enjoyed these institutional tasks. So it’s a shame she has to leave it and I think that she’s sorry too,” her mother said. “We have reached a consensus proposal with which we are all satisfied.”

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Marta Luisa (51) and Durek (48) met three years ago and made their relationship public in May 2019, days before starting a controversial talk tour that received harsh criticism. In recent months, Verrett has generated great controversy by ensuring that she was cured of the coronavirus thanks to a special medallion, which caused some of the organizations with which the princess collaborated to suspend their agreements. On this tour, and in the face of controversy, Marta Luisa announced that she would stop using her princess title for commercial purposes.

They have been engaged since last summer, even without a wedding date, and last Tuesday they issued a statement clarifying what their role in the Crown will be: “Princess Marta Luisa wants to contribute to a clearer separation between her own activities and her link to the For this reason, in agreement with His Majesty the King and his closest family, he has decided that he will not carry out official tasks for the Royal House (…) Princess Marta Luisa and Durek Verret will be present at family events, such as birthdays or at sporting events, in accordance with the tradition of the royal family participating jointly,” the official note said.