The Kings go from the supposed “slamming doors” in Zarzuela to the flamenco of Cádiz: the stubborn reality

said this week Pilar Eyre in his weekly exclusive on the Bourbons that the Kings discuss at home, that is, in Zarzuela, and they even shout and slam doors because of their daughters. The columnist goes further: she assures that they have had them many times and that they have not consummated the divorce because Mrs. Letizia he would lose his daughters due to the marriage contract he signed.

If at least the part referring to the fact that they do not agree on everything about the education of their daughters is true, that would bring them closer to the common people than a thousand handshakes or taking pictures playing flamenco in Cádiz because no marriage is known (19 years) with children to whom something like this has not happened. But the witty journalist does not offer proof, document or testimony that supports her story, nor does she rely on identifiable sources. Believing what she says is an act of faith. Nor can we deny it and we already know that the Kings do not bother to deny anything that is published, which the joker also knows. Eyre she is an accomplished specialist in mixing fiction and reality. Not surprisingly, she was a finalist for the Premio Planeta in 2014 with her novel My favorite color is green, an entertaining autobiographical story that narrates the mature love of the journalist with a war reporter. The story of the palace fights published this Wednesday by the author of half a dozen books on the Bourbons refers to the alleged strong discrepancies between Doña Letizia and Don Felipe before the decision taken by the Crown and the Government that Princess Leonor receive military training and spend the next three years of her life. Pilar Eyre maintains that the Queen voted against her eldest daughter taking up arms but the Monarch, supported by the Executive, which has a voice and vote in the matter by Law, once again put the interest of Spain and the Crown before the opinions of the mother of the Heiress. We add to everything “always according to Pilar Eyre”.

Then, the Barcelona columnist adds that the disagreement of the Kings reached almost violent extremes because of the roadmap designed to turn the Princess of Asturias into Captain General of our Armed Forces when, as planned, she succeeds her father in the State Headquarters.

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With the utmost respect for Pilar Eyre, and without being disbelievers, we have examined the appearance of the Kings together in Cádiz and they are seen to be very close. We cannot be sure that Eyre is lying (a stopped clock correctly tells the time twice a day) but it is not easy to have an exclusive on the insides of Zarzuela or its inhabitants every fortnight, and she does, although she does not usually provide evidence. The closest thing to a denial that we are going to find is the appearance of the Queen and her regal husband so close and funny as to go viral and appear flamenco on the front pages of the newspapers. You can always flee forward and argue that all the movements in public of the Kings are measured, they are protocol in its purest form and be labeled as posturing. But, as far as we know, there is no proof of the alleged discussions.

The king was accompanied by Letizia when he played the cajón this Monday along with other performers in the street concert in front of the Gran Teatro Falla in the capital of Cadiz. “We have the first cajonero king!” Percussionist Guillermo García, El Guille, told him.

That was the anecdote that has led the media and networks to turn their eyes towards the International Congress of the Spanish Language. And that is precisely the achievement and mission of the Monarch and his wife. Another thing is that the official is less fun than science fiction and that we like to entertain ourselves with gossip, true or not, and enjoy the start, As they say in Cádiz, that is, revelry, as the Kings did this Monday, together, smiling, close and amused.