The keys to La Real's league premiere

La Real started the season in Valladolid with a point that can be considered good, taking into account the casualties with which they went to Zorrilla and the development of the game, in which the Txuri Urdin signed a bad first half. These are the keys to the league premiere of Imanol's.

1. A mildly harmful offensive production

Except for the first ten minutes, in which the Real entered the game determined, in the rest of the game it was difficult for them to generate dangerous attacking actions and even chances. He shot eight times on goal, as many as Valladolid, but only Roberto López's shot that ended in goal and another harmless Aihen shot were between the three sticks. The rest were very forced completions.

2. Low aggressiveness in individual duels

A good part of the occasions that Valladolid generated had their origin in the lack of aggressiveness in individual duels, in the permissiveness of some txuri urdin defenders allowing their rivals to maneuver in situations and positions of maximum danger, in which they must be used with another forcefulness to avoid greater evils.

3. Wide open without the ball and far in the assists

It was difficult for Real to get together without the ball in their field, which their rival took advantage of, especially in the first half, to put good interior balls and in depth through the routes that Real gave them. Valladolid took the Txuri Urdin team too open on more than one occasion, whose players were far from each other to help each other, like Llorente in the 1-0, very far from Aihen.

4. Better in the second part

In favor of Real, it must be said that he raised his tone in the second half, aware that he had to say something else in the game. The hydration break did not suit him since in that first half hour after the restart he was forcing Valladolid much more with his game, much less damaging than in the first act. In the final stretch of the game, few things happened.

5. More possession, less clairvoyance

La Real surpassed Valladolid in possession (40% -60%) and gave more passes than their rival (262-393) but they lacked the clairvoyance of their rival, direct and concrete with the ball. The centrals, Zubeldia and Merino brought together more than 200 of those passes, without achieving progress with danger or connecting with those above to arrive with people and the ball dominated in a position to play with danger in the rival field.