The Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Bengals and won the AFC West for the eighth year in a row. How Kansas City’s defense helped them win

The Chiefs about Kansas City clinched their eighth straight AFC West conference title after beating the Bengals 25–17 at home on Sunday.

Right now, the Chiefs have a 10-6 record and are in third spot in the 2016 AFC title race. As of this Sunday, the Bengals are 8-8 and have almost no possibility of reaching the playoffs.

They enter the final week of their normal season. Over the past few years, this fight has had a lot of great attack, and that’s why this game started with three straight runs.

The Chiefs beat the Bengals 25–17 to make the playoffs for the ninth year in a row and get to play their first round game at home. Also, they won its eighth straight division win.

The head coach, Andy Reid, said after the game, “It turned out to be a great match to get.” “It was fantastic that we had guys winning the championship standing in the AFC West.” That’s good.

I know how they act, along with they’re not planning to change. They enjoy doing it, especially those who are new guys. “I’m proud of everything this time.”

In the eleven seasons since Reid took over, the Chiefs have reached the postseason ten times. The Rams were part of a tie that the Chiefs ultimately broke in 1973.

In 1979, they won their second consecutive division title. They’ve now won eight games in a row in this division.

The Patriots of New England won 11 straight titles from 2009 to 2019, leaving them only one title behind.

They have been to the playoffs nine times in a row, which is the best streak in the league right now.

The Chiefs are having a great run right now. They’ve won in both the division as well as the playoffs.

But this time, the attack led by Patrick Mahomes hasn’t worked very well, which is not at all like them.

Before this game on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs had scored the lowest number of points as well as gained the fewest yards per game while Mahomes took across as starter quarterback in 2018.

Patrick Mahomes felt that this win in the division is different. In a strange way, the Chiefs got to the edge in the NCAA Football Conference’s Western division thanks to a 10-6 record this season.

They don’t score as many points as they used to because Mahomes isn’t their top quarterback anymore.

Harrison Butker possessed to make six field goals on Sunday to help the Chiefs beat the Bengals. Although the Chiefs were already holding the title with a week left in the season, it felt more like a fight.

“We won’t be able to be victorious this alongside Week 12 as well as Week 13  previous seasons beforehand that,” Mahomes said.

We had some rough spots, but we won the game. Still, it’s not over yet. We need to keep getting better. We all know that this season is marked by both great plays and bad games.

How might we keep this momentum going as we head into the playoffs? Now we’re in the playoffs, when each team plays one game and is out.

I believe we have the right to play anyone out there. Their defense helped them win in the end. Mind at ease Justin Reid had sacks both before and following the two-minute warning.

Before the game was over, George Karlaftis or Chris Jones either dropped Jake Browning twice more to seal the win.

After a bad run, the Chiefs will need these guys or the rest in their defense to assist them make another one.

The Chiefs are stuck in third place, so it’s not clear whether they will use their best players in Week 18 to face the Chargers.

The Bengals, meanwhile, are no longer within the running to make the playoffs after their loss.

The Browns, on the other hand, have locked up their fifth spot, consequently their final match doesn’t have as much at stake.

This year, Joe Burrow hurt his leg and hand. They hope he can play again when he is fully healthy.

In addition, they will use the summer to build a team that will get them back into the championships for their second trip in four years.