The judge stops Daniel Sancho during the interrogation: “We all know what you used the knives for”

The first week of the trial against Daniel Sancho. It began last Tuesday and will be resumed next year, as Thailand celebrates some holidays for the beginning of the new Buddhist Year. Despite the information restrictions and the judge’s prohibition on all those present from commenting on the slightest detail with the press, new information is leaked about what is happening in the Koh Samui court where the future of Daniel Sancho is being decided. Of these first three days, the second, Wednesday, was the most tense of all, including a taunt from the Magistrate to the accused during the interrogation.

We must remember that Thai law allows defendants to question all witnesses and the son of Rodolfo Sancho He has taken the opportunity to ask, if possible, more than his own lawyers. Just on Wednesday he was interrogating the woman who sold him the knives a few hours after Edwin Arrieta landed on the island and asked: “Isn’t it true that those knives were the only ones suitable for cutting coconuts?”. The judge, however, took the floor and declared the question ‘Not applicable’: “Everyone in this room knows what you used those knives for.”said.

According to witnesses, Daniel seemed calmer this Thursday. Only two witnesses testified, the two police officers who questioned him and to whom he confessed to the crime. They claim that the image of the inmate is horrifying, since he keeps the shackles on his feet and hands inside the room throughout the day and drags the chains along the floor causing a deafening noise every time he approaches the microphone to speak. These have also caused visible wounds and bruises.

From Europa Press they report that the young man has behaved these days in a “vehement” manner, introducing “leading” questions with “challenging looks” and issuing “value judgments”, for which the judge would have called him to order. In this sense, in The world They emphasize that “Sancho is putting on a show at the trial”: “He has a very defiant attitude and the atmosphere in the courtroom is very dense. Daniel seems to live in a parallel world, which has no limits. The judge allows him to question witnesses at the end of his intervention. Then, he gets up, drags the chains and begins to ask nonsense questions,” a source present at the trial tells the aforementioned newspaper. Sancho, on the other hand, has shown his dissatisfaction with the interpreter who translates from Spanish to Thai, and vice versa. His defense, according to Mornings y 20 minutes, asked the court to only use the translator that his family has hired, and who is present in the courtroom. Although she only translates from English to Thai.