The judge requests prison for Andrea Piazzolla, the exploited assistant of Gina Lollobrigida

Andrea Piazzolla, 35 years old, secretary, assistant, counselor or who knows what other functions he performed for many years together with Gina Lollobrigida, must appear this Wednesday before a Court of Rome, accused of crimes such as abusing an elderly person with mental weakness, distancing her from her family and environment, and seizing her assets, fraudulently keeping assets of the Italian diva, for value of 12 million euros.

Of the great fortune of the beautiful actress, who died in January at the age of 95, all that remains is her Roman mansion at number 223 Via Apia Antica, valued at around 10 million euros. The property is currently “sequestered” by the courts from the moment the family learned that Piazzola was trying to sell it. The secretary also sold jewelry belonging to the actress worth four million dollars.

Under the disastrous influence of Piazzolla, Lollobrigida broke up with her only son, Milko, and her grandson Dimitri Solfic. The latter, very close for a time to his grandmother, lived in a secluded house inside the garden, until Gina put him out on the street. However, the son and grandson will be entitled to a share of Gina’s estate, as prescribed in the actress’s will.

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The Prosecutor’s Office had requested the prosecution of the assistant after the son and grandson, supported by Gina’s ex-husband, the Catalan businessman javier rigau, that it is covering all the expenses of lawyers and solicitors.

Piazzola faces prison terms of between two and six years for having taken advantage of the psychological weakness of an elderly woman to fleece her assets. The secretary left many traces of banking operations and expensive purchases in luxury stores, and boasted of his high standard of living on social networks.