The judge gives the reason to the FEF in its no to the Miami party

The titular magistrate of the Commercial Court No. 12 of Madrid has dismissed on Friday morning the lawsuit made by LaLiga against the decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation not to initially authorize the celebration of the match between Girona and the Barcelona, ​​which was to be played on January 26, 2019 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Among other legal reasoning, the judge, according to judicial sources, states that “the position of the Federation did not involve illegal conduct or an act of unfair competition, since this type of competition must be carried out in coordination between the RFEF and LaLiga, as already stated in other judicial resolutions of other disputes between these two organizations. “ LaLiga understood that there was unfair competition since the RFEF is taking the Spanish Super Cup abroad, first to Tangier and now to Saudi Arabia, while not accepting the beneficial agreement for the Spanish clubs that Thebes had reached with the promoter Relevent for the next 15 year

The broad resolution of 25 folios also recalls that “the Federation did not deny authorization expressly, as the deadline for the final approval expired on January 5 of that year, however, Barcelona gave up the dispute of the match unilaterally and by surprise for LaLiga. “At the time when Bartomeu stepped back by UEFA's threats about the possible sporting consequences that Barça would have in case of disobeying, LaLiga was still fighting to achieve the five necessary permits to carry out its plan. Something that has also tried this season with Villarreal-Atlético of the sixteenth day and has not achieved.

LaLiga has appealed this resolution since against this sentence it is possible to lodge an appeal before Section 28 of the Provincial Court of Madrid, the competent one in matters of commercial nature. While, both LaLiga and the Federation are already preparing to also receive the ruling on the Monday game that also faces them. The tensions have not ended in the pre-electoral environment.

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