The judge agrees with Meghan Markle and her sister is left wanting to take her to trial

The interview that dukes of sussex granted to Oprah Winfrey in 2021 it is still kicking. The words of Meghan Markle over his family they picked his father and his sister. It was precisely her Samantha, 58, who denounced the duchess for having orchestrated a kind of campaign in the media to sink her reputation. The judge has now dismissed Samantha Markle’s claim because she does not see that she is subject to “empirical evidence” or that she is “verifiable”.

There will be no trial. Meghan Markle thus wins this legal battle that faced her sister, who had filed a lawsuit against her. Samantha accused the duchess of having organized a campaign “to defame and destroy her reputation” of her and that of her father and asked for it 70,000 euros.

It all started in the super media interview with Oprah Winfrey. In this television intervention, which was followed by 17 million viewers, Meghan said that her sister and she were barely related and that “they were practically strangers.” Samantha reproached him that it was “a big lie” and that those words had brought him “a public humiliation.”