The joy of Concha Velasco in the midst of her delicate moment: awarded for her great career

shell velasco has been awarded this Friday with one of the Virtuosos Awards for her impeccable career in front of the cameras: whether as an actress, presenter or comedian. At 83 years old, having given herself to her public in body and soul, she enjoys a well-deserved rest in the residence on the outskirts of Madrid where she entered more than a year ago.

They came to collect the award Maria Jesus Varona e Irene Cruz VaronaConcha’s first cousin and her daughter, who gave a most exciting speech on behalf of Velasco.

“According to the Royal Academy of Language of Spain, the term ‘virtuoso’ means the following: that is exercised in virtue or works according to it. Typical of the virtuous person. Said of a thing that has the activity and natural virtue that It corresponds. Said of an artist who dominates, in an extraordinary way, the technique of his instrument and said of a person who dominates any art or technique. I want to think that you give me the prize as an artist because I, instruments, have only played castanets and I was not exactly bad at it. Now seriously, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering me a virtuoso in what is mine: interpretation. It is an honor”, they pronounced.

At the end of the act, the cousin of the actress confessed before the microphones of Europa Press that “this award is a joy for her cousin because with all the awards she is very moved, she is always very grateful and it also encourages her now that she is weaker, it gives her a lot of encouragement and very happy”.

“Concha is one of the actresses in our country who has done everything and has spent her whole life working and doing everything very well, with which, the love she receives from people and the respect, above all, that they give her is the best, especially when one is older and reaches the end of his artistic career because the important thing is to continue to have affection”, he added.

The Virtuosos Awards are the distinguished awards that are awarded annually to personalities from the Cultural, Sports and Social fields, in recognition of their professional careers, business and artistic achievements, the best being awarded. In addition to Concha, they were also awarded Enrique Cerezo, Ana Rosa Quintanathe chef Alvaro Garces, Mayra Gómez Kemp y Jesus Cimarro.

The day to day of Concha Velasco

The passage of time is inevitable for any mortal. As we said, the actress lives in the residence on the outskirts of Madrid where she entered more than a year ago. There she not only receives the constant visits of her two children, Manuel y Pacobut also that of his closest friends.

One of the last to visit has been the artist Pablo Sebastián: “What I know is that Manuel is charming and every time I tell him I’m going to see your mother, he never troubles me. He always says yes. He tells me take him some chocolate cakes, which is what he likes the most” . On the state of health of the great lady of the Spanish scene, she said: “She was small, she has mobility problems. I remember the day I went, she told me ‘help me’, because she was sitting watching TV and to lay her down I had to I had to pick her up carefully so she wouldn’t fall and put her on the bed, she couldn’t do it by herself. She doesn’t hold up well and she’s in a wheelchair.” However, she has assured that “Concha de la cabeza is very good” and that they have even been encouraged to “sing” together during their visits.

In October of last year, his medical team at Puerta de Hierro had to coordinate with that of the residence due to a setback in his state of health. Since then, her concern for the actress has increased, although she, at 83, is in the best hands and surrounded by the love of her loved ones. At the end of the year, moreover, she was admitted for a few days in the hospital.