The jokes of Sálvame laughing at Ana Rosa have the approval of Borja Prado and the heads of Mediaset

Above we see Alessandro Salem, Borja Prado y Massimo Musolino, top managers of MediaForEurope in Spain, that is, Mediaset. As unbelievable as it may seem, the three of them are delighted that the equipment they just loaded up picket of his chain from the screen every afternoon. Or at least, if they are not enthusiastic, they have authorized the party organized by the victims. An official source from La Fábrica de la tele says it.

The unusual situation that Mediaset is experiencing, attending every afternoon the staging of a circus by those who appear in Save me It is even more serious than we pointed out. The very producer of the magazine that has been canceled assures us that the mockery, phrases, jokes, hints and sarcasm that stoke the chain in regard to its decision to put an end to the “trash TV” that the space represents, as well as the parodies to white entertainment Ana Rosa Quintana They are not the result of a rebellion by the creators of the program, but rather they have the blessings of the chain, which has approved the controversial rundowns and all the little theater that we have been seeing since Monday.

The circus set up by Save me after having informed them of the cancellation of the magazine is not a rebellion of the TV Factory. According to a source from the production company, “the chain itself is the one that authorizes what is broadcast on the program every day,” they explain to us. According to the creators of space, Mediaset “reviews the rundown and gives its approval,” they tell us. And they add that “no one has disavowed what was issued.” In other words, “what happened this week in Save me has the necessary endorsement” of Alessandro Salem and Borja Prado, who authorize the scenes that we all attend through the executive producers designated by Mediaset for supervision Save me. The sources consulted refer to “those responsible for content supervision who in turn report to their bosses”

Telecircus authorized by Borja Prado and Salem

We told in this portal that what is happening in telecircus since the chain confirmed the cancellation of Save me anticipated a week ago on this portal, just like the arrival of Ana Rosa Quintana in the afternoons when they return, it has become a kind of revenge for the victims, who have been making fun of what happened for days and openly joking about the journalistic style of Ana Rosa Quintana, to the point of mounting the Save me Cotton Candy.

Now official sources from La Fábrica de la tele tell us that they do so with the acquiescence of their bosses, who have approved what all of Spain has seen. That is, they allow Jorge Javier Vázquez, Bethlehem Stephen, Patino, Terelu and all the troupe use the program every day to cut off in Mediaset, that is, in its president, the CEO and of course in Ana Rosa Quintana and her style, supposedly white. We have seen that jokes and mockery now feed the content that we viewers watch, ojipláticos seeing how they openly joke about the company’s decision to end the telebasura.

The producers of The TV Factory they are carrying out these funny misdeeds but they do it with the pleasure or at least the permission of Borja Prado and the dome of the audiovisual giant, who accept these scripts, which represent before the audience a kind of revenge against their executioners and against the presenter who will invade their schedule after summer.

That is, Borja and Salem, we assume that by delegation to their executive producers, they have allowed us to see bethlehem esteban verbalize (sorry for using your expression) that he shits (sic) in Mediaset (“For what I have left in the convent I shit inside”), to Jorge Javier selling the set by hanging the poster of is transferredto María Patiño, Terelu Campos and their colleagues breaking the box imitating the supposed goodness of The AR Program and his group riding a Save me cotton candy imitating the tone of the mornings and saying that they do it so that they are not called “Telebasura”, the word that was used when announcing that they were striking down the format at the request of the chain itself. Everything, authorized and accepted by the chain, which has reviewed all the rundowns and has authorized these broadcasts, as they remark to us from La Fábrica de la Tele.