The Italian union: “Some clubs live on another planet”

The AIC, Italian players union, who already requested and achieved the suspension of soccer in the country, prepared a public note criticizing the behavior of some clubs for forcing players to train or go to medical reviews.

The note begins: “The AIC, at a delicate moment for the country, is forced, despite everything, to denounce the paradoxical situation that is occurring in some professional clubs. Despite the intervention of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which adopted urgent measures by decree to contain contagion throughout the national territory until March 25, 2020We are saddened and outraged to continue to appreciate reckless behavior in the national and international context of some clubs that persist in summoning athletes to train in small groups, or worse, for daily temperature control

The complaint is contained in a long note from AIC, which refers to some Serie B clubs: “If the clubs summon players in Italy for the sole purpose of controlling the fever or not, they force them to move house, meet people, attend places to get data that they can easily communicate on the phone, and that is a shamefully irresponsible act Many people are forced to work to allow us a minimum of necessary services. It is also offensive to those on the front line, doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, who implore us to stay home. Clubs should explain what is in the national interest to keep athletes in shape who, at best, will not resume their activities before mid-April. This means that they are living on another planet. If the call is aimed at obtaining the players' refusal and then proceeding to reduce their emoluments, it means that we are scraping the bottom of the barrel of dignity. In short, today in Italy there are still football clubs that are embarrassingly irresponsible, live on Mars or lack a minimum of dignity. We take this opportunity to give ubig hug to the many doctors, nurses and healthcare staff that these days and in the coming weeks they will need the support of all of Italy. “