The intrastory of Edmundo Arrocet’s controversial interview: this is how the exclusive with the comedian was created

They reveal the name of the journalist who had the awkward conversation with Edmundo Arrocetwhose statements fill a dozen pages in the magazine Ten minutes. publishes it ABC.

The comedian’s return to Spain had a compelling reason: to talk again about his past relationship with Maria Teresa Campos. The comedian broke his silence and made readers aware of a variety of issues related to the presenter, such as her relationship with her descendants, or even gossip about her alleged infidelity. Of course, his act has not gone unpunished and the clan of the fields have sentenced the devastating darts with which he addresses his recently deceased mother: “What he says about me really bothers me,” Terelu said.

But who is behind the incendiary interview? As stated at the end of the exclusive, all of the published material belongs to Five and one images, the company that spoke with Edmundo. This limited company is dedicated as a commercial activity to “preparing reports and exclusives for publication or dissemination through the press, magazines, radio and television.”

As revealed ABCits top manager is the journalist and paparazzi Gustavo González. His appearance is known for his regular participation in Save methe legendary heart program on the Fuencarral network, and for maintaining a marital relationship with the renowned pornographic actress, Maria Lapiedra.

For years, Gustavo was part of the format as a collaborator until the production company of ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’ decided not to continue with his services, thus terminating his contract at the beginning of 2022.

Although Gustavo has achieved great exclusives throughout his professional career, he has also been the focus of a wave of criticism for having been involved in various controversies. One of the most notable of his was his non-cooperation in the police investigation of the ‘Operation Deluxe’ and his altercation with Marilo Montero.

And it is that, Diego Arrabal and Gustavo González received a lawsuit from the veteran presenter, for their interference in the right to personal and family privacy, honor and one’s own image; Well, both photographed the presenter with her breasts free of her clothes and tried to obtain economic benefits from them.

The sentence, initially, consisted of paying 340,000 euros by the photographers to the plaintiff, as ruled by the Court of First Instance number 35 of Madrid. However, months later, the resolution was suspended by the Madrid Court, which opened criminal proceedings. Currently, the case is awaiting trial, following the testimony of both defendants last August. For her part, Mariló Montero requests the imprisonment of both for a period of six years, and compensation amounting to 265,000 euros.