The internationals make it clear that their desire not to be called up “is still valid”


Several players from the Spanish soccer team regretted this Monday that they had been called to Montse Tomé’s first list as the new coach because their desire not to be “for justified reasons” and which they had made “clear” in their statement last Friday continues. “fully valid” and they also stressed that the call has not been made “in a timely manner” according to the regulations, so they cannot be required to “attend.”

“The players of the absolute women’s soccer team want to express, following the call and the subsequent press conference of the new national team coach, Montse Tomé, that what was expressed in our statement of September 15, 2023, makes clear and without “no option for another interpretation, our firm will not to be summoned for justified reasons. These statements remain fully valid,” they indicated in a new statement.

The soccer players, including Alexia Putellas, Irene Paredes, Mapi Léon, Ona Batlle and Tere Abelleira, pointed out that “during the days following” that statement “nothing different from that has been transmitted to any member of the RFEF,” asking ” expressly ensure that the information transmitted publicly is rigorous.

“We as elite professional players and after everything that happened today, we will study the possible legal consequences to which the RFEF exposes us by putting us on a list from which we had asked not to be called for reasons already explained publicly and with more detail to the RFEF, and with this make the best decision for our future and for our health,” they added.

On the other hand, they did want to highlight as “relevant” that this call for Montse Tomé “has not been made in a timely manner in accordance with art. 3.2 of Annex I of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of FIFA Players.” “So we understand that the RFEF is not in a position to require us to attend. We regret once again that our Federation places us in a situation that we would never have wanted,” they concluded, so now the possibility is open that All those who wish to do so do not show up this Tuesday at the start of the rally.


The new women’s national team coach, Montse Tomé, called up this Monday for the matches against Sweden and Switzerland in the Nations League 20 of the 39 players who last Friday signed the aforementioned statement resigning from the national team until “conclusive changes” occurred. in leadership positions” of the RFEF and “a safe place” was created in the national team.

Captain Ivana Andrés, double Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmatí, Alba Redondo, Cata Coll, Enith Salón, Esther González, Irene Paredes, Irene Guerrero, Jenni Hermoso, Laia Codina, María Pérez, Mariona Caldentey, Misa Rodríguez, Oihane Hernández, Olga Carmona, Ona Batlle, Salma Paralluelo, Rocío Gálvez, Teresa Abelleira, Elene Lete, Fiamma Benítez, Inma Gabarro, Eva Navarro, Marta Cardona, Maite Oroz, Jana Fernández, Patricia Guijarro, Lola Gallardo, Nerea Eizagirre, Ainhoa ​​Moraza, Mapi León, Sandra Paños, Claudia Pina, Amaiur Sarriegi, Leila Ouahabi, Laia Aleixandri, Lucía García and Andrea Pereira were the signatories.

However, 14 of these historic world champions appear in the call – Misa Rodríguez, Cata Coll, Enith Salon, Irene Paredes, Oihane Hernández, Olga Carmona, Ona Batlle, Aitana Bonmatí, Alexia Putellas, María Pérez, Tere Abelleira, Esther González , Eva Navarro and Mariona Caldentey -, along with Athenea del Castillo, who did not sign that statement and who announced the next day that she would attend because she had seen changes.

In addition, the new coach also mentioned two important players such as ‘Mapi’ León and Patri Guijarro, who were part of the group of 15 footballers who a year ago asked not to be called up due to the situation in the national team and who were firm in their resignations ahead of the World Cup. Three other players from that core also appear among the appointments, such as the forwards Amaiur Sarriegi and Lucía García and the defender Laia Aleixandri, present in the last European Championship in England.