The international press praises Leonor after the swearing in of the Constitution: “The people’s princess”

Historic day that was experienced this Tuesday, October 31 in Spain with the swearing in of the Constitution of Leonor, coinciding with his 18th birthday. The international press has also covered what happened in the Congress of Deputies with praise for the heir to the throne.

One of the media that has provided the most coverage has been Daily Mail British. At the time of closing these lines, this is how they open their royals section: “Spain greets its future queen: Princess Leonor greets her royal admirers while swearing allegiance to the Constitution on her 18th birthday. Flanked by her mother, the queen Letizia, and her father, King Felipe.” In another of its main news stories, the tabloid highlights in the headline: “The People’s Princess of Spain! How Leonor won the heart of her country.” In recent days they have also reviewed the figure of the daughter of Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, as well as her role in the Princess of Asturias Awards, held last Friday, October 20, and her military training, which she is carrying out in the General Military Academy of Zaragoza.

The Guardian focuses on the political personalities who have refused to attend the event, such as the Podemos ministers Irene Montero e Ione Herb or the Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon: “Princess Leonor, heir to the Spanish throne, has sworn obedience to the Constitution in a ceremony boycotted by the Republican ministers of the Government and by the Catalan and Basque nationalist deputies.”

The BBC has not overlooked this significant day for the present and future of the Spanish crown either. The British public broadcaster, which has echoed the ‘Leonormania’ phenomenon, has stressed that the princess has a very important institutional role ahead of her. Especially because the Royal House “has faced tough tests in recent years.” At the same time, the BBC has highlighted the four minutes of ovation that Leonor received in the Chamber after swearing in the Constitution: “Leonor, first in line to the throne, received a great ovation after taking the oath during a joint session of Congress and the Spanish Senate”.

in Italian Corriere della Sera headline that “In Spain, everyone [están] crazy about Leonor”. They also put the ‘Leonormanía’ phenomenon on the table and put the focus on Madrid, which has “dressed up” on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Infanta Sofía’s sister. Our French neighbors stand out in the newspaper Liberation that the princess is “a major asset” for the monarchy after the controversies that have surfaced in recent years.

Point of viewa French magazine specializing in Royal Houses, have made an extensive report on this day in their web version: “Leonor of Spain turns 18 and takes the oath on the Constitution,” reads the headline of the article, which includes the most notable moments , like the words of Francina Armengolpresident of Congress, who said in the Chamber: “Princess Leonor is a worthy representative of this modern country open to the world. A young woman, close to the majority sentiments of her generation. A youth aware that the prosperous and modern country who we are has important challenges ahead of us. Challenges that are collective and that must be present in every step we take as a society.”

In another news item that opens the headline, they also review the history of Felipe VI: “When Felipe, future king of Spain, took the oath on the Constitution,” reads the headline of this second news item.