The inside story of the ‘rental’ pregnancy: Ana Obregón made the decision to be a mother two years ago

He told his family, his sisters Celia y Amalia. The most intimate environment of the actress and presenter was aware that her biggest dream was to be a mother. A desire that began two years ago, according to what they have told in Ana Rosa’s program. In May 2020, Ana suffered the terrible death of her son Aless Lequio, at 28 years old. Since then, the actress has turned to the networks to write about her pain.

Ana Obregon68, has shared this surrogacy process with her family, which began in June 2022, when her son Aless would have turned 30, according to a publication Hola. Own Alessandro Lequio has supported this version with a clear “I know everything”. They have been the words of a very emotional Lequio in Ana Rosa’s programwho had a broken voice and red eyes.

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This March 20 Ana Obregón has welcomed the baby in a Miami hospital. It has been the choice of the actress to live this experience alone and in privacy. She has gone to Florida alone and her desire has been to go through this experience as we have seen it in the magazine. Over the next few days, the actress and her daughter will get used to new routines and a new life together. Ana Obregón’s baby is American because she was born in the US, but she will have dual nationality.