The infantas Elena and Cristina lose their pulse for the summer in Marivent against Felipe VI: “They are not going out of pride”

Despite the fact that a great Bourbon gathering was expected in Majorca this year, doña sofia has only managed to share a few days of vacation with Philip VI, Joy and their daughters, the princess eleanor and the infanta sofia.

The king’s sisters Elena y Cristina They have completely distanced themselves from a supposed family summer in Marivent. After visiting your priest in Sanxenxothe Duchess of Lugo moved to Cantabria to make a route through Cóbreces, Novales, Santoña and Santillana, as Gema Igual Ortiz, mayoress of Santander, made public.

Juan Carlos I goes sailing aboard the 'Bribón', which participates in the regattas of Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

The mother of Juan, Pablo, Miguel e Irene Urdangarinfor his part, He is enjoying a few days off with his maternal family in Greece while deciding to sign the divorce of Iñaki. the former duke of palm has chosen Alicante as a vacation destination with his girlfriend Ainhoa ​​Armentia.

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“They do not come out of pride. They consider that moving to Mallorca after their brother’s stay is to abide by conditions to which they are not willing,” he says. Confidential Monarchy, citing a source close to the infantas. Apparently, the princess of Asturias and her sister spent a few days with her cousins, especially with Victoria Federica y froilanIt was something that made Felipe VI and Letizia uncomfortable. That family photo will not even take place in private: victory for the monarch.

Afternoon of ‘Barbie’ and smiles like ‘teeth-teeth’

The last time we saw the kings and their daughters in Palma was on August 5, when they went out to dinner at one of their favorite establishments on the Balearic island, Mia. This Thursday, Felipe, Letizia and their daughters, Leonor and Sofía, have reappeared in the city center to enjoy one of their family passions: cinema. The chosen film has been Barbie. The royal family was accompanied by the emeritus queen.

It should be remembered that Princess Leonor will enter the Zaragoza Military Academy on August 17 to begin her training in the Army as heir to the crown, while Infanta Sofía will travel to Wales a few days later to begin her training at the UC boarding school. Atlantic College, from which her sister graduated last June.