The “indescribable pain” of Paris Hilton after the death of her 23-year-old chihuahua: “Her journey was iconic”

There are pets that become a member of the family. The death of these faithful life companions leaves deep pain and an irreplaceable mark. Let them tell Paris Hilton… who this Monday cried on Instagram the death of one of his chihuahuas. The little animal was 23 years old. “I say goodbye to my beloved chihuahua, Harajuku Bitch“Wrote the millionaire businesswoman at the beginning of her post.

The actress, who became a mother by surrogate pregnancy in January this year, is broken by the death of the puppy that has accompanied her for more than two decades: “In 23 incredible years, she brought infinite love, loyalty and unforgettable moments to my life. Her journey was long, beautiful and iconic, surrounded by love until her peace.”

Paris is completely devastated by her loss: “The pain I feel right now is indescribable. She wasn’t just a pet; she was family and a loyal companion through every twist and turn.”

In short, she only has words of gratitude for the years of happiness she has given her: “Rest easy, my sweet darling. Thank you for honoring my life with unconditional love. You will always be my angel, always missed and forever loved.”

As it is, Hilton will always carry her in his heart: “Even though you are physically gone, your paw print in my life will never fade. Rest easy, sweet friend, knowing you will always be cherished and missed. Love and miss you forever.” , has sentenced.

In another post, he has also written: “From the glitz and glam to the quiet moments behind the scenes, she was always there, a little ball of love, lighting up even the darkest of days. We shared so many memories, laughter and tears.” .

To cope with her absence, the socialite finds solace in the arms of businessman Carter Milliken Reum. Their courtship began in 2019, although they had been friends for fifteen years. They said ‘yes, I want’ at a highly mediated wedding with 250 guests, which was held on the estate of her late grandfather, businessman Barron Hilton, in November 2021. She wore a total of seven wedding dresses.

In January, as we said, his son, Phoenix Barron, was born by surrogacy. Her other puppies are also very important to her. As is well known, Paris is a great lover of Chihuahuas. They are one of her hallmarks.