The images of Daniel Sancho in bed with his special friend two months before the crime of Edwin Arrieta

While the investigation into the alleged murder committed by Daniel Sancho continues its course in Thailand, new information continues to come to light that could be relevant to the defense of Rodolfo Sancho’s son.

In recent weeks, the focus has been on a young woman with whom Daniel began a relationship before allegedly murdering and dismembering the Colombian doctor. Edwin Arrieta. It is not about Laura, the first girl who was talked about after her imprisonment in the Asian country, but about another young woman with whom the 29-year-old chef traveled to Ibiza and Formentera. Arrieta himself was also on this trip.

This Monday they showed in TardeAR some images of Daniel with this young woman in bed in a museum in Madrid. The recording was taken on June 2, just two months before the crime against Arrieta in the Asian country. “Come on, come on,” the friend shouted. A friend of both recorded on the other end of the phone and shared it live on his social networks. “Cinema X, X, live. Hey, please,” the young woman also said. Sancho, with a drink in hand, and his friend jokingly simulated a sex scene.

“These images are of vital importance for the future of Daniel Sancho. They appear Daniel Sancho and a woman with whom a few weeks later he would travel with him to Ibiza and Formentera, where Edwin Arrieta was waiting for them. The relationship with this woman could hold the keys to the case of Daniel Sancho. Can this woman prove that Daniel was a victim of blackmail and harassment by Edwin?” Manu Marlaska asked on Telecinco.

It must be remembered that Thai investigators leaked to the media that Sancho Gracia’s grandson was expecting a visit from a friend in Thailand and that he was going to marry another person in Indonesia, and that this was the reason that could have precipitated the discussion with Edwin Arrieta and, ultimately, the death of the doctor, which occurred on August 2 in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan.