Beyond her successful career as an artist, Concha Velasco's happiness resided in her two children, Manuel y Paco. After her death, they both mourn the absence of her mother.

“Thank you for all the love you have for us. He is the best person in the world. The best mother in the world, super generous. And her talent as an actress is enormous. On Wednesday she was very well and yesterday she became very sick. She died with Paco and me, hand in hand. “She is the greatest actress in the history of Spain,” Manuel said while he collapsed in front of the press.

Likewise, her children have pointed out in the statement where they announced the death of the artist that they are lucky to have enjoyed the best mother in the world. “We are lucky to have enjoyed the best mother in the world and to receive the affection of so many Spaniards who love and admire her. Thank you all,” they expressed through her writing.

The actress Concha Velasco He died this Saturday at the age of 84. The health of The Yeye girl It had gotten worse in recent months. The woman from Valladolid resided in the Orpea Punta Galea senior clinic in Las Rozas (Madrid) due to the serious mobility problems she suffered and osteoarthritis, among others.