The illusion of a whole town

he says it Villarreal anthem: The illusion of an entire people (The illusion of a whole town). Or rather, the illusion of all peoples: that his team plays a Champions League final. A miracle in 99.99% of cases. The missing cent is Villarrealthe pride of a people of 50,577 inhabitants which, for the second time in its history, is 90 minutes away from achieving it (follow the match live on

Because as he also said Emery in the previous one, there will be many Vilarrealenses who do not like football. But there is not a single one dont have sense of belonging of this team. because they have seen Pau Torres get a haircut at the corner hairdresser; or because they ate at the table next to Cesar Arzo; or because they asked for the time Hector Font when they went to buy bread.

Shield/Flag Villarreal

Everyone in yellow today. all after a perhaps utopian challenge, a sidereal level test before which anyone would have thrown in the towel before starting. But not this Villarreal, this village team that rubs shoulders with the best in the continent… and not only that, he challenges them to be better than them if they want to pass the round.

Of ocean liners like Juve and the Bayern ran aground while the submarine moved on. To repeat today would be to achieve a machada of cosmic magnitudes. Because not only do you have to win the fittest team in Europe, the Liverpool. would have to do it for more than two goalssomething that none of the 53 rivals that Klopp’s block has had throughout the year.

Shield/Flag Liverpool

At least, the recipe is more than tested: the same as against Juve and above all Bayern, in Ceramics. Roughly, defend perfect because a Liverpool goal could be lethal; find your football with the ball at your feet; and dial a golas Pau said, sooner or later, with enough time for the red ogre to think that losing is an option.

And estadio from The ceramic to burst and Gerard’s return are reasons to believe in the match. Those of Klopp did not show a crack in the first leg. Villarreal barely got past midfield at Anfield. But it’s 90 minutes. And football could be very capriciousabove all, if Villarreal does things perfectly.


a boiler

The Villarreal fans sold out all the locations of La Cerámica a week ago. the stands He must carry the team in pursuit of the comeback.

giant out

Liverpool have the talent and confidence to dominate games away from Anfield. In the Champions League he has won all five he has played away from home.

the first goal

The first goal will mark the future of the 90 minutes. If Villarreal scores, they will be only one away from the feat. If Liverpool marks it, Villarreal would have the almost impossible feat.


Klopp made five changes to the eleven that was measured against Newcastle on Saturday, giving rest to some of its main stars, such as Salah, Thiago or Alexander-Arnold.

Aces to follow

Lo Celso

The Argentine will be the key when it comes to taking the ball and hooking up with the lead in search of the goal that gives Villarreal hope.


It’s plugged in. He has scored four goals in the last five games. He fast, opportunistic and definer.

Ups and downs

Alberto Moreno and Yeremy Pino are Villarreal’s absences. Gerard and, above all, Danjuma will be doubts until the end.

Firmino is still injured, while Tsimikas, Jones and Origi have recovered in time from their stomach problems.