The huge salary that TVE pays to celebrities who compete in 'Bake Off' comes to light

Bake Off: celebrities in the oven It was TVE's big bet for this quarter, although the audience for this culinary talent is leaving a lot to be desired (around 10%) and does not come close to the data it usually collects. Masterchef.

The program features 14 celebrities who fight to be the best pastry chef in the country and do so in exchange for a fairly juicy land. The budget for all the contestants is 1,219,368 euros, “without details of the individualized caches for each of the 14 contestants,” according to reports 20 minutes based on data obtained from the Transparency Portal.

That is, each of the celebrities charges a different amount depending on their 'category'. And in Bake Off There are contestants of greater and lesser popularity: Rocio Carrasco, Terelu Campos, Ana Boyer, Toni y Encarna Salazar (Brown sugar), Alba Carrillo, Yolanda Ramos, Manolo Sarria, Julio Iglesias Jr, Julio Salinas, Patxi Salinas, Pablo Puyol, Blas Cantó y Marc Clotet.

The salary that each contestant receives depends, in addition to their cachet, on the weeks they are in the competition. “As a consequence of the dynamics of the program, with successive eliminations of contestants, the budget includes an estimate of 10,810 per contestant and episode considering an average of 9.4 contestants during 12 programs of the season,” explains Transparencia.

At all times, these data are the items budgeted with the production company, which is the one that closes the contracts with the celebrities. “These items are subject to settlement at the end of production, and none of them have yet been received to know the final amount of each of the caches paid,” the official sources add.

In the case of judges, the planned amount was 5,500 for each one per program. Two jury members were budgeted, but in the end there were three.