The heel of Madrid and the lace for Espanyol

For him Spanish It was not easy to face the duel given the circumstances. He jumped onto the grass knowing that the Eibar had won in Granada and that the salvation zone was already to 11 points. A world. Opposite was a Madrid aware of the need not to fall to not give the lead to Barça. With this, it was not unreasonable to think that Zidane pass over your rival from the start. Nothing could be further from the truth. He Spanish not only did he face it, but he was even able to get ahead on the scoreboard. It did not. And as it happens when the weak forgive the strong, they ended up paying it.

The move that tipped the scales and marked the future of the duel gives a play on words that is well worth summarizing the season of both Madrid like of Spanish. The thing goes from parts of the foot, although to be fair it should be noted that we will not talk about the tip, but about its diminutive and one of the meanings given to it. Specifically we refer to a heel and a lace. Heel, Benzema's, who at 0-1 threw genius to assist Casemiro demonstrating once again that when Madrid gets stuck it is their class that undoes the mess.

And the lace that received an Espanyol Willful that, now yes, and although mathematics still does not certify it, it is better to assimilate that next season will be in the Second.

Until the commented action, the Spanish it was good. Slightly dominated by a Madrid more used to taking the initiative in the game, but well. However, with a disadvantage in the scoreboard, those of Rufete they distilled a certain impotence. Prisoners of love and I can not.

What we were saying, the action of Benzema at Madrid He sums up what the season is like for the Whites, pulling flashes to keep winning when their game isn't too bright. And in the Spanish It was one more example of a small detail that instead of being a grain of sand turns into an insurmountable mountain.