The harsh testimony of Ingrid Sartiau, the woman who defends being the daughter of the emeritus: “I wish I hadn’t known”

In addition to the story of Albert Solà, Who is my father? had the testimony of Ingrid Sartiaua woman of Belgian origin who also claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Juan Carlos I. Both found their way to find out the identity of their father.

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Sartiau’s story begins once his mother, Lilian Sartiau, confesses to him that she is the daughter of the then King of Spain in 2012. According to Ingrid, her mother told her that she had an affair with Felipe VI’s father when she worked as a governess for an important Belgian family in the 50s, whom Juan Carlos I visited.

“My sister told me that she had met a very handsome, very kind boy and that she wanted to see her again, that she told him why not (…) He had a crush on my sister, that’s where they met and where they began to see each other, of course secretly because she was a governess and he was then a prince”, explains Huguette Sartiau, Lilian’s sister.

In 1965, when the king emeritus was already married to Queen Sofía, Ingrid would be born, who according to her would be the sister of the infantas Elena, Cristina and King Felipe VI. During the first years of her life, Ingrid’s mother kept her hidden for fear that someone might take her away.

In time, Ingrid returned to her mother’s care and this time with luxuries her mother could not afford. According to Ingrid’s aunt, her sister secretly received money from the king emeritus: “Important people came to see them, to make sure the girl was fine, I think Juan Carlos was trying to find out about her, I think deep down I loved her.”

In 2015, Ingrid had better luck than Albert Solà because the Supreme Court accepted her claim for paternity. However, some time later she was shelved without recourse because Ingrid’s mother contradicted her story.

This whole process has been a setback for Ingrid’s health: “It has made me go through extreme emotions, a great depression and three months in a clinic. I have been taking antidepressants for years to try to overcome this. I have gained 30 kilos, I have paid for it very expensive”.

He also believes that he should not have known who his supposed father was: “It has been a shock in my life, I wish I had never known, this has turned my life upside down. My life as a couple, my children… Everything Before this story I was a happy woman and at that moment everything changed for me.”