The harsh story of Boris Izaguirre after remembering the stroke he suffered: “It gives panic”

Boris Izaguirre he takes off his armor. The Venezuelan, who suffered a stroke last January while recording the last program of The challengerecalled the accident this Saturday and showed on the small screen the scar that remained after the surgery.

“I went to a set that I know very well and, being inside that set, I didn’t know where I was. It was like I couldn’t see it. There was no way I could put myself back in my place,” the writer explained this Saturday in The sixth.

Likewise, Boris revealed how his colleagues realized how he was feeling during the recording of the aforementioned program. “The control people realized that it was a very strange behavior, but I couldn’t control it, I couldn’t go back to the other place. At the same time, I was very worried about losing control of what I was saying. I knew that something strange was happening,” he said.

After remembering his cardiovascular problem, the Venezuelan journalist sent a message of prevention to the audience. “Many times, you have the symptoms and the body warns you. The body is much nobler than anything else. I realized that when I was writing, I couldn’t feel my left hand. Furthermore, on the screen I saw that all the words were wrong In fact, I sent very long WhatsApp messages to a friend of mine and they were all unintelligible,” he said.