The great physical change of Dabiz Muñoz after his health problems: “The doctor gave me a yellow card”

When food is part of your job, it is difficult to position yourself hand in hand with a strict diet. David Muñozwho became a first-time father on July 14, crossed the red line of excesses and has had to make peace with a healthier and more balanced diet.

the husband of Cristina Pedroche He has told it openly on his social networks: “I had some blood tests and tests of the digestive system because I felt bad in general. The tests came out regular in glucose, cholesterol and a couple of other indications that made the doctor tell me get a yellow card.”

With the tests already on the table, the owner of DiverXO, the only restaurant in Madrid with three Michelin stars, has reflected on what his lifestyle was like before knowing the results. “He was doing little sport, he was tired all day, he slept badly and had very little energy.”

Four months after starting his new routine, Pedroche’s life partner says that the main thing for this great change has been his friend’s nutritional services Javi martinez.

“Thanks to him I learned that not only what you eat matters, but how you eat it, how you combine it and when you eat it. I understood what my plate of food should be like every day, what it has to have and what not,” he reflected in their networks.

Although his work is immersed in the kitchen and, at times, he cannot follow a strict diet, the Madrid chef assures that he is having a lot of willpower and discipline. “I have not followed the diet 100% by any means, my weeks are spent cooking and trying things for many hours, but understanding it and wanting to change it, with a lot of willpower and discipline made me start to feel less discomfort in the digestive system” , Has revealed.

David has also admitted that when he got down to business with his big change, he was just running. Now, he combines it with his new hobbies: biking, paddle tennis and yoga.