The Granada dinner of Felipe VI and Letizia at the top of the Alhambra: soaking, white shrimp and tocino de cielo

Historic European summit in Granada, with a unique setting for the 50 leaders: the Alhambra Palace and its monumental complex, a World Heritage Site since 1984. In this setting, emblem of the Spain brand in the world, Kings Felipe VI and Letizia They attended the dinner of the European Political Community, a summit organized by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, who presides over the Council of the Union this semester. Next to Sánchez was her wife, Begoña Gómez, who occupied her seat next to the Queen. They both showed the great chemistry they share. The Parador de Granada, a former Nasrid palace, hosted this evening, whose cost to the Executive’s coffers was estimated at around 140,000 euros, according to Europa Press. This was the Andalusian-inspired menu. Photo credit: Casa del Rey.

The Court of the Lions and the Palace of Charles V framed this summit, which was attended by Zelensky. The president of Ukraine held a meeting with Don Felipe and was talking with Doña Letizia. Before the dinner, designed by Paco Morales, with two Michelin stars, the heads of state and presidents enjoyed the flamenco show by Marina Heredia. The artist, after the applause, approached to greet the Kings. A night with a marked Andalusian and Spanish accent in a fusion of art, music and gastronomy. The aim was to create a media impact of the country’s image in the world similar to that of the NATO summit at the Prado Museum dinner in Madrid in 2022.

Morales’ Andalusian menu consisted of the traditional Granada soak, a salad with orange and cod, white prawn and Segureño lamb, a breed from the Sierras de Segura and La Sagra and the high areas of the banks of the Segura River. As a sweet bite, bacon from heaven, just as it is picked The country.

The chef was hired by the Presidency, according to the Public Procurement portal and to which Europa Press has had access, because his signature cuisine is “a unique artistic performance.” The contract is estimated at around 139,789, taxes included.