The grace of the ‘stripper’ can cost Granada a UEFA fine

During the match between Granada and Manchester United, a spontaneous jumped onto the pitch practicing 'streaking' (walking without clothes). The character in question was reduced by security. The images were not seen on television because UEFA does not allow this type of action to be broadcast. But they were captured by the photographers. The reality is that Granada is afraid that UEFA will impose a fine with the severity that characterizes the highest European body which is a whole machine to collect money based on penalties for apparently insignificant aspects.

The protagonist of this story, according to Ideal is an old acquaintance in the city. Is about Olmo Garcia, which is famous for walk around Granada in Adam and Eve costume with the same impudence as the famous singer French Michel Polnareff, interpreter of the well-known ‘Love me please love me’ through the streets of Paris at the end of the 60s of the last century.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

The story is bizarre. After viewing the cameras, the ‘modus operandi’ of our protagonist, has been composed. Taking advantage of the rigorous carelessness, he snuck into the facilities after seven in the morning and he spent 14 hours hiding under a stadium tarp. There he waited patiently not to be discovered while he prepared his malicious plan.

Ideal also reveals that Olmo García, 37, is a chemist and businessman and runs a business related to sports nutrition products.

The fact that in a game behind closed doors a spontaneous one has slipped into the field and without clothes is already being a headache for the club due to the possible security breach that caused this male to sneak into the stadium. UEFA is usually very strict and rigorous with the protocols.