Ana Belen, the magic of the stars, the glamor of the catwalk and the fascination with cinema explain that a gala of almost four hours had a 23.5% screen share, with more than 2.3 million viewers. The lack of real competition at other chains also helped. Have a comprehensive artist of the stature of Ana Belen It is a plus for any show. He is in top shape and is able to sing and dance as always. The actress marks her territory and she is the empress of Lavapiés and the center of focus although she plays a humble mother, the cordial grandmother who spoils her grandchildren as she says. Ana Belén, with visible agility, was well complemented by the spontaneity of Los Javis, whose ages add up to the same 72 splendid years as the true queen of the night, with permission from the award-winners. Malena Alterio and above all Sigourney Weaver, so generous as to remember her Spanish voice actor. Ana Belén saved as much as she could a very long gala, at times unbearable. The artist, who demonstrated great chemistry with Los Javis, earned her salary and contributed her professionalism, her charm, her experience and her savoir faire.

Eating almost four hours of gala had certain rewards. The tribute of the potagonist of The Turkish Passion a Concha Velasco, along with Los Javis, singing Chica Yeye or Mama I want to be an artist, it was a gem. But neither a living legend of Spanish cinema, nor the presence of stars like the protagonist of Alien o Penelope Cruz, Not even the excitement or suspense of knowing the names of the winners can sustain such a tedious awards ceremony. The insufferable gratitude of the Goya 2024 awards became eternal. It is a sacrifice to endure without yawning the 30 awards with such repetitive speeches, which are the most important moment for the winners but a pain for the spectators, bored while watching people they often don't know talking about people they don't know either. The three presenters were little used. They staged the losers' selfie a la Ellen DeGeneres ten years ago (actually Ana Belén has a Goya, even though she is from Honor). Juan Antonio Bayona, undisputed winner with the 12 Goyas of The Snow Society, In one of his appearances on stage, he tried to make jokes even with the mistakes: “For the first time they have put the microphone at the correct height.”

Neither the chronology and order of the deliveries nor the jokes or scripts of those in charge of delivering the Goyas helped. Rather, they were flat moments. The musical performances were added, such as those of Aitana and Bisbal performing Tenez-vous bien, by Salvatore Adamo, popularized by Raphael in Spain as Mi Gran Noche. Special mention to I try to forget you Salvador Sobral and Silvia Pérez Cruz for his performance in the in Memorial. The Estopa and their I Want to Be Free were not so good. Better the tribute to María Jiménez. The demands for peace in Palestine were repeated. Almodóvar told the vice president of Castilla León, from Vox, that film subsidizers more than return the money they are given. And the presenters condemned abuse and sexual violence from the beginning.

Gestmusic's well-paid help

TVE, unable to undertake the production of such a gala alone, counted on the well-paid help of Gestmusic, producer that in turn commissioned the script to Pilar de Francisco and Paloma Rando. They embellished the beginning of Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo in pajamas, with an effective set design and a sofa that would have a story later throughout the night, with the protagonists of Everything about my mother and Almodóvar himself remembering that that sofa was the one in the scene they recreated to celebrate the 25 years of the universal masterpiece of the man from La Mancha. On that couch, Los Javis opened the night dreaming that one day they would present the gala; This is when Ana Belén burst in, becoming the owner of everything while she was there. But it was little.

The organizers were not brave to cut off the endless speeches and the winners were not disciplined. Rather, they were selfish and put their moments of glory, their egos and their emotions before entertainment, the ultimate reason for a television program. In a way, a lack of respect for the public to whom they are due. The very heavy speech of the president of the Film Academy did not help. Fernando Méndez-Leite himself complained about how long the gala was taking but he ate up 10 or so minutes of the show after warning that it was going to be short. If he ever said that it was going to be extended we would still be in Valladolid.