The goal speaks Spanish

The national product saved what was ventured to be an opening day with very little goal in First Division. A total of 15 goals were scored, six of them in the frenzied Valencia-Levante. And of all of them, only three were celebrated by footballers born far from our borders: Maxi Gómez, Gabriel Paulista and Yangel Herrera. While it may become anecdotal due to the fact that differential foreigners such as Ocampos, Benzema, Messi or Griezmann they did not play, the data could indicate an evolution of the championship and, who knows, a qualitative leap for the Spanish Soccer Team.

As logic indicates, the Spanish goal abounds more than the foreign one. Last season, Luis Enrique's candidates scored 56.26% of the 942 goals in the championship. So far, the percentage is even stronger: 80%. However, the trend of the first day does not invite optimism. Until now, an average of 2.14 goals have been scored, driven, above all, by that cyclone called the Valencian derby. It's too early to draw conclusions, but at this rate Spain would once again stay away from 1,000 points, last reached in 2017-18.

International candidates?

The opening day has already introduced the new sensations of LaLiga. Of all of them, perhaps the most hopeful for the future of the National Team is Luis Milla. The young talent, in his debut in the First Division, imposed his law in Granada's midfield and scored a great goal after a powerful start. At 25, and after successful seasons in Segunda, the aspirations of the Nasrid team could give him a chance with the absolute.

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Luis Milla, one of the sensations of the first day.

Gerard Moreno, for his part, was the great absentee in the first list of the season of Luis Enrique, although he ended up entering the second instance after the departure of Mikel Oyarzabal. On the first date, he scored a penalty, thus presenting his candidacy, one more year, to the Spanish king of goal. Ruben Garcia, one of the undisputed leaders of Osasuna; the new role of Manu Vallejo; or the inspiration of Jose Luis Morales they are other of the headlines that the weekend of the reunions leaves. His arrival at the Absolute, yes, it seems more complex.

The signings, disappeared

The crisis caused by the coronavirus leaves fewer signings in LaLiga Santander than ever. If one of the flames of illusion is always seeing new faces, this year it has not been the case. Of course, there is a little less than a month of market ahead and the movements will end up arriving. For the moment, only twelve incorporations have been from the game on the first day: Luis Mile (Pomegranate); Coquelin and Equal (Villarreal); Orellana and Bruno (Valladolid); Juan cross (Osasuna); Andrew Fernandez and Maffeo (Huesca); Renato Wall (Celtic); Negredo (Cádiz); Battaglia (Alaves); and Claudio Bravo (Betis).

The average is less than one signing per team, although it is something anecdotal. Without going any further, Valencia has not yet signed; David Silva could not train due to coronavirus; Luke Torró (Osasuna) or Kubo (Villarreal) point to regular headlines; Calleri (Osasuna) or Lejeune (Alavés) are newcomers … Even so, if they expect important revolutions like the one that experienced last season Seville, they will have to wait, at least, for the 2021-22 season.

The five changes, up for debate

In one of the most notorious entanglements between LaLiga and the Federation this past summer is the issue of changes. The employer wanted to forget the rule of five and leave the usual three. The clubs asked otherwise and the RFEF ruled in their favor. The variation of the substitutions raises different hypotheses. On the one hand, it is pointed out that it favors the greats due to depth and quality of staff. On the other, that it evens out the forces, especially on the physical plane, in the final stretch of the matches. Regardless of it, How have they influenced the first day of the domestic tournament?

Regarding the goal, Manu Vallejo, with two targets, and Tello they were the only substitutes to celebrate this day. He Pomegranate used his substitutions to roll to Kenedy or give oxygen to the equipment to maintain the result. He AthleticIn desperation, he unsuccessfully brought in attack men. Williams It was participatory and the kids from the house had an opportunity that perhaps with the previous regulation they would not have achieved.

Javi Gracia, in the match against Levante.

Javi Gracia, in the match against Levante.

Neither Alaves (4) nor Betis (3) they exhausted their possibilities, perhaps due to the lack of personnel in the bank. Of course, Tello revolutionized the scoreboard with a great goal at the edge of the end. He also did not like the new regulations in the Pucela duel. Valladolid and Real Society, as before, they only made three substitutions. He Villarreal rushed until 77 to move the bench for the first time, unlike the Huesca, less accustomed to competing in the elite, put men of refreshment and endured the guy in the final stretch.

Although Javi grace desperately asked for additions to his board, the Valencia won the game from the bench. Five came in and Manu Vallejo, one of them, gave the victory to his team in the derby. Racic or Ruben Nephew, not at all usual, they had minutes due to the circumstances. Must have thought Sweep yourself that what works better not to touch him and he only made three substitutions against him Cadiz. Those of Cervera they gave a arreón in the second half in search of the tie, partly thanks to the physical injection that the revulsive ones contributed.