The girlfriend of Santi Acosta, the fashion presenter, is a well-known journalist from Mediaset

Santi Acosta He is the fashion journalist, at least in the gossip field. Since this Friday and together with Beatriz Archidona premiere Friday!a format that follows in the wake of other great paid interview programs since Tombola o Where are you Love a Deluxespace that it replaces, although Santi Acosta is more than Pink sauce or Dolce Vita, because he himself was in charge of presenting them.

From tonight, the Madrid journalist becomes the scourge of celebrity gossip, loves and heartbreaks, but what about his own private life?

Santi Acosta, 57 years old, was very famous especially when he presented from the early 2000s until 2007 Pink sauce o Sweet life. Both of his ex-wives work or have worked in television. The first is Isabel Martín Blázquez, sister of the journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez, who was her sister-in-law (he was therefore Antonio Montero’s brother-in-law). He left his first wife for a co-worker who over the years would become, in addition to his second wife, the mother of his children: the Canary Islander. Sandra Fernandez She was his boss on those shows like Pink sauce o Sweet life, antecedents of the one that premieres today. But he also separated from Sandra Fernández (current media director of Mediaset and former press director of Isabel Díaz Ayuso), although both have maintained a good relationship, having been divorced for years.

At the moment, Santi Acosta’s girlfriend is also a fellow journalist: the political commentator Esther Palomera, 55 years old, who participates in several Mediaset gatherings, among other groups. Palomera was the girlfriend of the former politician Eduardo Madina, former secretary general of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies. Madina retired from politics and works as a commentator on Cadena Ser. Currently and after working for the consulting firm Kreab, he became a partner and director of strategy at another consulting firm, Harmon. In March 2023, EY announced the signing of him as Senior Advisor.

Santi Acosta, Esther Palomera’s boyfriend, returns to Telecinco after hosting the special Well about Ana Obregon last April, which was a ratings failure.

Now he will try again with Beatriz Archidona in Friday!the channel’s new bet to get Friday nights out of audience ruin, which in recent months has suffered the cancellation of the Deluxe and the failed The last nightcon Sandra Barneda.

This new format of Producciones Mandarina faces The voice from Antena 3 recovering television gossip in prime time.

Santi, who presents Fridays together with Beatriz Archidona, he says that “Sálvame was a reality show with its characters” and that his thing “is listening to people, and that is what we are going to do,” he comments. As for whether he thinks people will get used to the heartbeat on Friday nights again, he doesn’t know, but he admits that in prime time “the network has more money at stake” and understands that “if things don’t go well, like any program, remove it in a short time,” he comments. “I believe in this project because I believe in entertainment,” she adds. “We will try to have a hooligan point, in a good way, but we will take care of people. It is something that we will see, this is a declaration of intentions,” she concludes.

Regarding the Code of Ethics that prohibits talking about certain characters, he assures that they have not told him anything: “The network will have to answer that,” he explains.