The gift that Carolina Molas gave to Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva to 'balance' their marriage

Half a year after passing through the altar, Tamara Falco has revealed new details about his wedding with Inigo Onieva. In her last interview with the magazine, the Marchioness of Griñón told Hola What their mother-in-law, Carolina Molas, gave them on the occasion of their marriage: a curious gift that suited them like a glove, given the series of catastrophic misfortunes they suffered before saying 'I do'.

The businesswoman gave them a peculiar sculpture to protect their union, a gift that is now part of the decoration of the attic to which they moved at the end of the year in Madrid. “I have the sculpture that Íñigo's mother gave us for the wedding. He commissioned it from Íñigo's uncle and it is a very beautiful sculpture called 'Marriage in Balance'. Then, there are other pieces that I have been collecting little by little,” he told the aforementioned media.

The daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó is delighted with this piece, which has great sentimental value and gives charm to the house designed by architect Joaquín Torres. “Whenever you work with artisans and make things to measure, the time multiplies a lot. It is made with a lot of detail. For example, in the quarry they are removing sheets of stones and, until they found the perfect color, they did not send it to me. And everything like that,” she explained.

A wedding and many adventures

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva were married on July 8 in a ceremony that was held in El Rincón, the palace that the marchioness inherited from her father. The link caused a lot of expectation not only because of the couple's public profile, but also because its formalization after all the impediments that occurred months ago.

It is well known in the history of their relationship the infidelity that the businessman committed in the summer of 2022 at the Burning Man festivala lie that the collaborator of The Anthill It was difficult for him to forgive, even more so when for months there had been talk of other alleged disloyalties on the part of the Madrid native.

The winner of MasterChef Celebrity she forgave her then-fiancé shortly after, as both confirmed in January 2023, when They embarked again on their wedding plans. What they probably didn't know at the time is that they would have to be patient to get there.

Ana Boyer's sister broke its agreement with the firm Sophie et Voilà shortly before summer, so he began working with Carolina Herrera against the clock while discussing the marchioness's weight changes and how this could affect the making of the dress. And that's not all, since She also suffered the theft of the jewelry she was going to wear at the wedding.. A drama that many read as a message from destiny for the wedding to be cancelled. However, everything went ahead.

It should be said that, after becoming husband and wife, not everything turned out rosy in their marriage. Organizing their Christmas meant some fights between them, Well, the aristocrat wanted to spend the holidays in Miami with her family. Furthermore, a few days ago the tension that both of them experienced on the flight back to Spain was discussed, when the Marchioness and her mother traveled in Business and the businessman in tourist class. Achieving dialogue is not always easy, so, if you are optimistic, you can put your faith (in addition to the Church) in small things, like that sculpture that adorns your house and that supposedly predicts a good future for you. .