The Giants really want to end their losing streak and finally beat the Eagles on the road.

The Giants really want to end their losing streak and finally beat the Eagles on the road.

It’s once more unto the breach, my friends. The Giants go to Lincoln Park on Christmas Day of all days to finally play the Eagles for the first time.

It’s so late (Week 16), you might have considered if the NFL schedule makers forgot to put this biased NFC East rivalry on their 2023 schedule.

With unknown rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito starting, the Giants lost all three of their games in a row.

Last week’s dull 24-6 loss to New Orleans also ended any slim chances they had to make a run and get into the playoffs.

The NFL’s schedulers made sure that we had a lot of games to choose from on Christmas Day. The biggest game of Week 16—and maybe the whole season—was saved for Christmas night.

After opening gifts and eating, we can turn our attention to the game between the No. 1 teams, the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers.

Still, Christmas Eve and even Christmas Eve Eve had a lot of action and a lot of playoff movement.

The defense let the Vikings gain 390 yards, but they also picked off Nick Mullens multiple times and hit him four times.

They showed us who the winners and losers were on Christmas Eve. The Ravens or 49ers are currently in first place, but it will be hard for them to stay that way all the way to Las Vegas.

The Lions won their division for the first in nearly 30 years, just two years after going 3-13-1. These people have won a lot this week. The offense was strong, with a good mix of running and throwing.

It’s important for the Lions to improve their defense before the start of the playoffs, but no playoff opponent will feel safe coming to Ford Field, which will be very loud.

If the Philadelphia Eagles want to get better, the New York Giants might be the best team to play this week.

The Eagles have won 16 of the last 19 games against the Giants, making this a team they have pretty much owned this century. If Philadelphia wins, New York will no longer be in the running for the NFC playoffs.

The Eagles have lost three straight games, no matter who they’ve played. This is their first losing run since the 2021 season.

The Eagles are the first team since the 1986 New York Jets to start 10-1 and then lose three straight games.

That team lost its last five regular-season games and then lost in the divisional stage of the playoffs.

With games against the Giants on Christmas Day, the Arizona Cardinals, and then the Giants again, the Eagles are hoping that it doesn’t happen to them. These three teams have a total record of 13-29 to end the year.

The Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars played in London on Sunday. The Jaguars’ defense made some big plays, including a pick-six, which helped them win.

The day ended with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the New York Jets in a thrilling game where they came back from being down 17-0.

The Buffalo Bills’ offense easily beat the Miami Dolphins, giving the Dolphins their first loss of the season.

The Washington Commanders played the Philadelphia Eagles to overtime but lost, and rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua piqued his first touchdown pass to help the Los Angeles Rams beat the Indianapolis Colts in overtime.

Additionally, Dan Quinn has been a great defensive coordinator during the chess-like game that is an NFL game.

He has also done a great job of developing other coaches on the defensive team as well as players.

Coaching by Dan Quinn is a big part of why the Cowboys have been so good at making the most of their defensive ability.

Quinn has a lot of experience as both a defensive play caller and a head coach. He led the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl one time, which is a big plus.

In the past few years, he has turned down teams, but this summer, there are likely to be 10 or more openings around the league.