The Generalitat of Catalonia says that “there will be no educational concerts for schools that segregate by gender”


The Minister of Education of the Generalitat, Josep Bargalló, said that “there will be no educational concerts for schools that segregate by gender” in Catalonia, after a question about the educational model made by the general secretary of the Catalan PP, Daniel Serrano, during the control session to the Government this Wednesday in the Parliament,

Bargalló recalled that both the decree of admission of students and that of educational concerts come from the Pacte against Segregació Escolar and the Pacte Nacional per l'Educació, and explained that the draft decree is in the period of debate and negotiation and pending First report of the Consell Escolar de Catalunya.

Serrano has criticized that in the concerted school there is concern because, according to him, with this decree one wants to limit the capacity of election of parents' choice, the capacity of self-management of the centers and the employers impose a model that they do not see: “Sign a declaration of war.”

He has assured that the Government wants to impose the decree without the consensus of the affected community and has warned that if it goes ahead it will break the autonomy of the centers agreed: “Do not go ahead and withdraw this decree.”

The deputy of the Communs Marc Parés, has asked the Minister if he can guarantee that he will be able to carry out the decree with the support of the entire Government and will stop financing with public resources the schools that segregate by sex.

Bargalló has argued that he cannot guarantee that when the decree is approved by the Government, it will literally be as it is now, but that he can “guarantee that it will contain the measures of the Covenant against School Segregation.”

“One of the problems of our education system is to achieve equity, to achieve it and fight against segregation we have to end privileges,” added Bargalló.