The future of Lara Álvarez after leaving Mediaset: all roads lead to 'Pekín Express'

Lara Álvarez's new destination after leaving Mediaset could be Pekín Expressthe adventure reality show that will soon return to television through the Max platform, the new HBO Max that will launch in the spring.

Pekín Express will return with a new installment starring several couples of contestants who will mix famous and anonymous, but it is still unknown who will be in charge of this popular format that in previous editions has been presented by Paula Vázquez, Raquel Sánchez Silva y Cristina Pedroche.

Lara Álvarez meets all the requirements to be the presenter of the new Pekín Expressespecially if we take into account that for years she was responsible for Survivors in Honduras, where she had to deal – she did it with great solvency – with the contestants and direct the adventure tests on the ground, something similar to what the host of Pekín Express.

“Now that Lara Álvarez is no longer at Mediaset España, I hope they sign her to present the new edition of Pekín Express on HBO Max,” says a follower on social media. “Perfect to present Pekín Express“adds another.

In her farewell to Mediaset, Lara Álvarez has not given any explanation about her destiny, but she has made it clear that it is a personal decision to face new challenges. “I have decided to leave Mediaset to embark on a new professional path”he has written on social networks.

The new edition of Pekín Express prepared by HBO Max (in the spring it will be called just Max) will bring together 14 participants who will take a trip through some of the most distant countries on the planet with a single euro a day and a succulent cash prize for the end of the contest. In this new stage, you will have the pparticipation of 7 combined famous and anonymous couples They will have a backpack as their only luggage and will compete against each other to do the race of their lives.

The mission of the contestants Pekín Expressone of the non-fiction formats that the new Max will launch, will be to reach the goal as quickly as possible through a journey through exotic places in which They will have to look for transportation, accommodation and food with no resources other than those dictated by their instinct, their ingenuity or their social skills.. Only in this way will they be able to overcome the numerous challenges that they will have to face throughout the program if they want to stay in the competition until the final test. This format, originally from Belgium and created by Ludo Poppe two decades ago, has been successfully launched in 18 countries around the world, including France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain Italy.