The funeral mass for Fernández Tapias, marked by the statement from his older children: all eyes on Nuria González

This Friday afternoon was marked by the announcement from the eldest children of Fernando Fernandez Tapias. They claim that they did not have any type of financial interest when they sued his father to legally incapacitate him and they regret that they were prevented from entering his residence in recent years. Nuria Gonzalezfor her part, released her own statement a few days ago, in which she announced her intentions to take legal action after the death of her husband on October 25 at the age of 84.

In this context, the date of the funeral mass for the businessman and first vice president of Real Madrid has been known. It will take place this same Monday, November 13 at 8 pm in the Jesuit Church of Madrid, as announced in Ana Rosa Quintana’s program.

Father Angel, very close to the widow’s circle, will be the official in charge of the mass, for which, they say, there are no family vetoes. Therefore, a reunion of Nuria González with the eldest children of the deceased businessman (Fernando, Borja, Íñigo, Juan Carlos and Sandra) is expected.

Fernando, Borja and Iñigo are fruit of the businessman’s first marriage with Chiqui Riva de Luna y Juan Carlos y Sandra They were born from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel.

After the death of the former first vice president of Real Madrid, two obituaries were published. One on the part of the five oldest children and another on the part of González and his two children with the businessman: Ivanwho is already 20 years old, and Alma, 16. In the Madrid funeral home, the focus was on the relationship between the widow and her husband’s older children. After the tension that was already experienced in the funeral home after the death of the businessman and the statement now issued by her eldest children, the focus is once again on them.