The fun princess: how to enjoy the Zaragoza that Leonor has fallen in love with

Since he entered the Zaragoza Military Academy in August, Princess Eleanor We have seen her dedicated body and soul to her military training but, like any young woman her age, the daughter of Felipe VI and Queen Letizia has also enjoyed her free time with colleagues and friends. But, What venues, bars and nightclubs have the heir to the throne visited during these months?

In August, just a few days after starting her new stage, the first image of Don Juan Carlos’s granddaughter outside the Academy was published on social networks. With about twenty companions he had a snack at the El Tuno bar, a place frequented by young military and university students.

In November we also discovered another of Infanta Sofía’s sister’s leisure plans: she tasted a 200-gram beef burger with camembert cream, caramelized onion, raw Teruel bacon, cheddar cheese and panzzer sauce. Specifically, she was at Panzzer Grill, one of the best-known burger restaurants in the city, located in the Goya Avenue area. On this occasion, she met with her friends for a very special reason: the princess’s 18th birthday.

In December, before the Christmas holidays, the princess was also seen at Murray’s Tavern with her friends. Then they ordered a takeaway hamburger at McDonalds.

Among the nightclubs that Victoria Federica’s cousin has also frequented is Parros. Last January, as announced Informalia, Infanta Sofía’s sister went to this well-known nightclub in the city. A place that closes around four in the morning and is located between the streets of El Tubo. At all times, Leonor was controlled by at least two bodyguards and wore black sunglasses.

Last weekend, before the Easter holidays, Leonor also had fun at Babia, one of the best-known venues in the Aragonese capital. The Princess of Asturias vaped at the door of the nightclub, as sources from the venue itself confirmed to this portal. Throughout the night, Leonor danced on the dance floor and shared confidences with her friends. Despite it being night, the heir to the throne also wore black sunglasses on her head for several hours.