The friend who was with Dani Alves the night of the alleged rape speaks

Since he was arrested on January 20, Dani Alves He remains in pretrial detention without bail. Although his defense filed an appeal to try to get him on probation while the judicial process is underway, the judges considered that there was a significant risk of flight due to the powerful economic muscle that the former FC Barcelona player has in Brazil.

According to Cadena Ser, the Brazilian will testify again before the judge of the case next Monday, April 17 to narrate what happened on the night of December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. This would already be the fifth version of him.

Alves began by assuring that he did not know the young woman who had denounced him for an alleged sexual assault in the aforementioned disco to ensure that it was she who pounced on him when he relieved himself in the bathroom. Finally, he confessed that they had consensual sex and that he had hidden it to protect his wife, who announced his separation from the footballer through social networks: “He cheated on me while my mother was dying”said Joana Sanz.

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Until now, who had not spoken publicly was Bruno Brazil, the friend of the athlete with whom he was partying that night and who would have witnessed everything. He has spoken with Bruno Carlos Quilezjournalist from And now Sonsoles. “Dani spoke with everyone, like me. But more with her, that she approached him at times dancing and rubbing against each other, drawing her attention,” Bruno says.

Continuing with the facts, Brazil recalls that “at a certain point in the night, Dani separated from her to talk to the other friends and it was this same young woman who came up to him again. They went in and out separately and about fifteen minutes passed. “. In the end, “we talked about everything normal, nothing strange was said. When she left the bathroom she gave me a ‘give me five’ and her cousin kissed me on the cheek”, she has settled.