The four rules for the fans to return to the stadiums

Professional football already has a protocol for the return of supporters in the stands of the stadiums. The league handles a series of rules for the moment it receives authorization from the Higher Sports Council (CSD). As revealed by the COPE chain, this protocol will have a series of conditions to minimize the chances of contagion in the stadiums.

1 – Online registration

A registration process will be mandatory before attending the matches to find out how many and which people will go to the stadium. For this we must:

– Provide our contact information, both ours and that of the rest of the group that accompanies us.

– New conditions of access to the field (verification of DNI or temperature tests).

– Transfer of personal data.

– Download document of obligations and recommendations.

Once the club decides which fans can enter, it will contact them. If they confirm their attendance, they will receive the ticket by email or by certified mail with all the necessary information for them to attend the day of the match.

2 – Conditions of access

When accessing the stadium, a clear distribution will be established through different gates to avoid crowds. There will be temperature controls for all those fans who come to the stadium. In addition, this protocol provides a series of conditions when providing inputs:

– The assigned location may be different from the purchased season ticket.

– It is recommended to take into account the possible presence of risk groups.

– Localities assigned for people with disabilities.

Visiting fans are not allowed.

– Groups that are on the list of the Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sports may not enter.

– People who are prohibited from entering the stadium by sentence may not enter.

3 – Slots and health declaration of fans

Another novelty would be the existence of an access schedule to the stadium previously marked at the entrance, as well as a map to access your town in the safest way. Attendees must sign a health declaration that exempts the club or LaLiga from any type of responsibility.

4 – Number of fans and places

The total number of fans that can enter the stadium will be determined by the CSD and will respond to the epidemiological needs of the moment. There must be a meter and a half of separation of seats and each team will decide the method with which to choose which subscribers will have access.

Finally, there will be four types of locations
that will not be available:

– Rear area of ​​the benches.

– The three rows closest to the pitch.

– Animation tier.

– Do not interfere with TV positions and platforms.