The fortune that Genoveva Casanova can earn for talking about her relationship with Federico of Denmark

The life of Genoveva Casanova changed radically on November 8, the day he turned 47. That Wednesday, the ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo 'disappeared' after the publication of his images enjoying a private meeting with Frederick of Denmark on a trip to Madrid by the prince in which he spent the night at the Mexican woman's house.

Overwhelmed by the scandal that the coming to light of her relationship with Queen Margaret's son has entailed both in Spain and in the Nordic country, the former daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba put her foot down and left the capital hours before that his date with the Danish heir came to light.

Days later she was caught talking heatedly on the phone in San Sebastián, where she took refuge in the Arbaizenea palace, property of the father of her children. It was published that she had gone to London, where her children Luis and Amina reside, and until she was in Mexico. But this Christmas she was again at her house in Madrid and on Christmas Eve we saw the Duke of Arjona and his daughter Amina at the Mexican woman's house.

Aware that she cannot 'hide' forever, Genoveva has returned to Madrid to spend Christmas with her family and, although she has not been seen, Cayetano's visits to her residence and the presence of her children and her two dogs demonstrate manifest that he has returned after the scandal.

The Mexican, who the scandal has affected even in terms of health, is willing to show her face and, as we announced this Tuesday, is ready to break her silence after her controversial images with Prince Frederick. Tired of being hidden and not being able to lead a normal life for two months, Genoveva wants to turn the page and come forward sooner than we think.

A figure “not less” than 150,000 euros

Emotionally, she is not well and these are difficult times for her, but she is also fed up with this situation and, when she gains the courage, she will speak loud and clear about what happened, facing the cameras and breaking her silence once and for all. And that can provide you with a real fortune that experts consulted by this digital estimate at an amount “not less” than 150,000 euros. “The logical thing would be for him to first give some posed statements in a well-known weekly newspaper and then submit to an interview broadcast several times on the new Telecinco program on Friday nights, which is the one that is paying the best now,” we say. they point In the space DeViernes her friend works Patricia Cerezo. Ramón García's ex-wife has all the contacts to establish negotiations. Another thing is that the father of his children is “radically against” any exclusive that the Mexican can give and is exerting pressure, which he can do because, to a large extent, his ex-wife depends financially on him.