The former woman of the Brazilian striker Dudu accuses him of violence

Brazilian striker Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues 'Dudu', leader of Palmeiras, was denounced by his ex-wife for an alleged episode of violence that the footballer denies and of which, he assured this Tuesday, there is evidence of his innocence.

Mallu Ohana he filed a lawsuit Monday at a police station in Sao Paulo in which he claimed to have been the victim of physical assaults by the 28-year-old.

The incident occurred, according to the ex-wife, in the garage of the property where she lives and required the intervention of some people who were in the place.

Ohana's defense said in a note on Tuesday that “it is ready to elucidate the truth of the facts,” as well as the “Witnesses who witnessed everything that happened, even those who tried to calm the spirits” of the footballer.

“At this moment Mallu is extremely affected, but she got tired of being silent in the face of all the physical and verbal attacks she suffered during the almost eleven years of living with Eduardo,” says the statement from the woman's lawyer.

The lawyer also rememberedor the sentence that already weighs against Dudu for “an attack against Mrs. Mallu and her mother Tatiana” occurred in January 2013, and guaranteed that they will “check again” this new episode of violence.

The two have two children in common and are separated, although they have not yet signed the divorce papers.

Dudu asserted, through his defense, that “he is absolutely calm and certain of his innocence.”

“Once he became aware of the false accusation, he appeared before the department responsible for the investigation on Tuesday, spontaneously, without being quoted,” he added.

The player highlighted that the alleged event reported by his ex-wife occurred in a public place where there are security cameras and in the presence of witnesses, who, according to him, “will facilitate the clarification of the facts” and prove their innocence.

Dudu was voted the best player in the Brazilian Championship 2018, which Palmeiras won.