The former director of the Osasuna Foundation recognizes that he took 400,000 euros to Seville

The former director of the Osasuna Foundation Diego Maquirriain said on Wednesday at the trial of the 'Osasuna case' that in May 2014 he brought 400,000 euros to Seville, but that he was never “told” that someone had been paid for a match. This would correspond to the match against Betis, which ultimately would not be worthwhile to achieve permanence in the First Division.

Diego Maquirriain has indicated that he was called on a Friday morning to tell him that on the same day he had to take the money to Seville, where the then manager Ángel Vizcay and the manager Jesús Peralta were, who, according to his transfer, had to make “urgent” payments “related to Osasuna.

There is the circumstance that that day, according to Maquirriain, they had not been in Pamplona, ​​but in Madrid, and from there they moved to Seville. “If on Friday the club has to make some payments in Seville and it has to be in cash, if it is in Seville Vizcay, which has a signature, and Peralta, which has no signature, they cannot get the money, and it has to be taken out in Pamplona – through then President Miguel Archanco and Vice President Juan Pascual – and someone has to take the money and tell me if these two people – Biscay and Peralta – would have been in Pamplona instead of in Madrid, to I am not sent to Seville, “he said.

Maquirriain has indicated that he has never attended a Board of Directors of the Osasuna Athletic Club and specifically that he was never informed that Betis players would be given priority to win against Valladolid.

The payment corresponds to the 2014 mentioned by the former president

During his statement, in which he has only answered his lawyer's questions, he detailed how the procedure by which he ended up taking the 400,000 euros to Seville. Thus, he explained that in May 2014 he received a call from Vizcay, who told him that “that week the Osasuna Athletic Club has to make a series of very urgent payments and asks me to see if we have treasury in the Foundation, since the club doesn't have “.

“We looked at the foundation accounts and there was a balance of 40,000 euros. Vizcay tells me that the payments would range between 300,000 and 400,000 euros,” he explained, to point out that on other occasions the club had also asked the foundation for money. “When they requested it, it was because the club had to face day-to-day payments. These payments were urgent and I used to ask them for the manager or the manager responsible for Fundación Osasuna,” he said.

In the absence of money, according to Maquirriain, Vizcay asked him to speak with a sponsor and, at that time, he addressed the president of Lacturale. “He is blunt and says that whoever has to ask is Osasuna, not me,” he said.

Lacturale put three conditions: “the first one, that the money be returned quickly; the second one, that it be done via the Osasuna Foundation; and third, that it be documented by contract”

Thus, a meeting is held attended by the president of Lacturale, Vizcay and Maquirriain himself. The president of Lacturale “is receptive, says that he will look if he has money, if he will be able to lend, but leaves three conditions: the first, that the money be returned quickly; the second, that it be done via the Osasuna Foundation; and third, to be documented, he wanted a contract and prepared. “

Finally, complying with these three conditions, Lacturale is willing to lend 220,000 euros, but more money would be missing. “I see that Vizcay is very worried and tells me if I could lend 60,000 euros. I saw Vizcay that he was distressed by the situation, very worried, with continuous calls, he had asked for money from the sponsor. In 1997 Osasuna lived economically complicated moments, and Mr. Vizcay put money on his side to make club payments, and as I see the thing, I lend money but with the same conditions as the sponsor, “said the former director of the foundation.

Subsequently, according to Maquirriain's account, “Mr. Vizcay informs me that he is moving to Seville with Txuma Peralta, that they have to make a series of payments that day for 400,000 euros and that that money has to be in cash, that I have to talk to Archanco and Pascual, that I would have to go to Seville to move the 400,000 euros. ”

Thus, he went to the headquarters of La Caixa, collected the documentation that Archanco and Pascual had to sign to withdraw the money, and once signed he returned for the money.

“I took my private car, I moved to Zaragoza, in Zaragoza I took the AVE to Seville, once I arrived in Seville I took a taxi, I moved to the hotel where I had organized the trip, I think I remember it was nine o'clock at night, I entered the hotel and in the hall there were Vizcay and Peralta, I requested the key to my room, I went up, Vizcay accompanied me, I carried a small bag or toiletry bag, with 400,000 euros, there Mr. Vizcay told them and we went down to the reception of the Hotel, Peralta was there, and the two of them left because they had stayed to face the payments of Osasuna. I went to the hotel room, I stayed there and they returned in an hour or something less, “he said.

As he said, “never” was told that payments could be made related to the results of matches that could benefit Osasuna.