The foreign press surrenders to Letizia and names her “queen of spring” for her looks in Cádiz

The visit of Mrs. Letizia a Cádiz has caught the attention of the international press once again. Both of her looks, both the romantic lady in lilac and the flamenco with black fringes, have crossed borders. Paris Match has baptized her as “the queen of spring”, while the British Daily Mail He calls it “beautiful” and “stunning.”

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The French magazine especially praises the first look, a dress by Cho Atelier with puff sleeves and draping on the chest that the brand made in the lilac tone of the season at the express request of the queen. They affirm that the accessories, such as the Olivia Mareque bag and the multicolored earrings by Alexandra Plata, accentuated her spring spirit. The second, the Hugo Boss dress with a fishnet neckline and fringes on the curtain, is described as “a very glamorous ensemble” and “very appropriate for a flamenco evening”.

The British, for their part, focus on the first outfit. They define it as “adorable” and talk about the “sophisticated figure” of the queen. They also highlight the naturalness of her gray hair, which she wore loose with a hairstyle with light waves and which have generated opinions for all tastes in recent months.

From Germany, the daily Colorful He writes that Felipe VI’s wife looks “a dream figure” with the dress in pastel spring tones chosen during her visit to the Tacita de Plata and assures that the queen’s great guy has been “the center of attention” of the day, accentuated much more by the black model of Hugo Boss.